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    tiberious Guest


    1/21/2004 Sacramento Bee

    Officer Fired; Facing 11 Fraud Counts

    POSTED: 5:40 pm PST January 21, 2005
    UPDATED: 6:01 pm PST January 21, 2005

    WEST SACRAMENTO, Calif. -- A California Highway Patrol officer is accused of bilking California taxpayers in a workers' compensation scam.

    Michael Jones was fired Friday after 10 years as a CHP officers. Jones is charged with 11 counts of workers' compensation fraud.

    "This type of activity cheapens, frankly, the sacrifices of the men and women of this department on a daily basis who legitimately get hurt ... sometimes get killed," CHP Commissioner Mike Brown said.

    Jones worked as a patrol officer is Coalinga, and allegedly faked injuries for two years and pocketed about $13,000.

    Kings County District Attorney Patrick Hart is prosecuting the case and said videotapes prove that Jones was lying about his injuries.

    "This community respects peace officers, we love peace officers ... but we cannot afford to have peace officers committing crimes," Hart said.

    The arrest was the first since Brown relaunched the CHP's Workers' Compensation Fraud Unit in October in the wake of allegations of abuse of the system by retiring, healthy officers seeking bloated disability pensions.

    Jones was not retired, but rather an active duty officer accused of playing the system.

    "I hope it's an isolated case. I want to send a message to our employees or anyone who wants to deprive the state or Highway Patrol of operating money so we can serve the public," Brown said.

    If convicted, Jones could face 15 years in prison and a fine of at least $50,000.

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    dennison Guest


    Now wouldn't it be nice to see an article in the newspaper about an IC caught commiting Fraud. LOL
    I wonder who would go to jail?

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    pt Guest


    The IC's CEO that hasn't been able to come up with the better, or the most "creative".....response/excuse ?

    BTW....The latest "pet-name" the Governor is publically calling anyone who voices a less than favorable comment about his "policy ?" ( No pun intended) -


    I dunno. I dunno. I......STILL dunno.

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    driller Guest


    The IC

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    dennison Guest


    When they get hit upside the head with a big green stick LOL, or a giant BAT....
    Or when a determined IW, actually manages to uncover the FRAUD and CEO's are lead away in shackles????
    Don't know if it will make the madness stop, definatly would put a GIANT warning sign out don't you think?

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    pt Guest


    The "madness" will never end. Corruption has become an acceptable way of life; as well as the way TO conduct business for too many - too long. How much of it occurs globally, each and ?

    How much of it really ever gets revealed ?

    Results of corruption within the Workers' Compensation System is actually being exposed... everyday. Look at what it's "interpreted" Statutes & Laws have managed to get away with decade upon decade.

    Keep looking at its results in a majority of our Injured Workers's.....eyes.

    Bring on that warning, Dennison. For what it's have my support.

    IF/UNTIL....The ENTIRE Insurance Industry is "exposed" for what it is and has DONE....

    "Business AS usual" will prevail.

    No doubt in my mind....whatsoever.

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    tiberious Guest


    Follow up:

    In the paper today. The CHP Officer had told his doctor that he couldn't drive a car or be on his feet for a long period of time. Yet he was video tape shopping at a warehouse store like Costco,drive approx 45 minutes to get to this store and participating in a Chili cook off. He was arrested and now is out of bail. My question is what makes this a slam dunk. You can be injured and exceed your work restrictions. Example: I had major surgery and the doc said don't climb stairs but I live in a two story house and the bedroom is upstairs so I violated my restrictions and climb the stairs. Should I be arrested?????????

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    baileybug Guest


    Maybe we could get Michael Moore to do an expose of the corrupt wc system. Anyone have any connections???

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    lt Guest


    I think this needs to be put in Michael Moore's direction. I bet he could get the IC

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    art Guest


    Attn: Dennison,

    I quote from your earlier post.

    "When they get hit upside the head with a big green stick LOL, or a giant BAT.... "

    Hmmm, "get hit upside the head" is a rather violent image. Is "or a giant BAT..." a LESS violent act than carrying a magazine?

    When I made a tongue in cheek comment about carrying a copy of "Guns and Ammo" magazine you wasted no time in taking me to task for it. Both here and (under a different name) on another forum. In fact, you took such offense that you asked me "Do you have a sick mind?".

    Since I offered my non-flaming reply/explanation on that forum, you've been strangely quiet. Rather than engage in the emotionally charged, reactive tone reflective in your posts, I've simply let the facts speak for themselves.

    Now, if you can, please explain in logical and unemotional terms how alluding to hitting someone upside the head with a bat is justifiable while a tongue in cheek comment about carrying a magazine is offensive.

    To parapharse your "No Art no!"... "Think Dennison Think!"

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