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    Default Oregon IME's may be History

    Many readers and posters who feel that everywhere the W/C system, managed by cynical insensitive administrators who only focus on or pander insurance companies interests solely, may not realizes that in some states administrative processes are in place to continually assess the system to seek improvements

    In Oregon, for example, there exists the Management-Labor Advisory Committee, established by the state legislature, whose members are appointed by Oregon's Governor. These ten representatives of labor and business advise the Workers Compensation Department director, the Oregon Legislature, and Governor on all matters relating to workers' compensation. They are the "gatekeeper" to changes in workers' compensation law.

    Responding to many concerns from many quarters about Oregon

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    Wow, something like this should make Calif. legislators sit up and take notice while they try to repair the havoc they created in "fixin' WC".

    Best line: Survey responses showed an overwhelming perception of IME physician bias to insurers, including 53% of the responses by IME physicals themselves!

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    This looks like a sincere effort by the state of Oregon. It gives hope and the opportunely for the injured to say what

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    That sounds very proper....
    I did read one part that would kill all of us in California however. "APPOINTED BY THE GOVERNOR"
    Therin lies our problem here.
    I feel that if our Governor had his way we would all be out on the streets and trying to get Welfare.
    I guess if you had to choose where to get injured (yeah right) then Oregon would be the place to do it. LOL
    It is good to see that not all are fighting the same battles.

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