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    Default Why are some IME's and QME's so brief

    To further expand upon your current "IME" topic dicussion:

    Might you be able to explain to us why it is that some IC "IME's/QME's" are so brief, while others are not ? (No-frills vrs. the works).

    I understand that the medical speciality of the evaluating Dr. will differ as do the individual dynamics of an IW's injury(s)....yet the logistic's of the majority of "experiences" that I've read about, do not leave much room for what appears to be a fair and balanced reporting protocol within this particular group of physicians.

    In addition; what constitutes a "regular" Medical- Legal Evaluation as opposed to a "Complex" Medical-Legal Evaluation ?

    I thank you in advance for your response.


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    I'm assuming you're referencing the IME/QME circumstances in California, about which I've not had recent experience.

    However a thorough read of the 271 page document produced from the Oregon 2004 Workers' Compensation Insurer Medical Examination Study, found at: may provide you some insight since Oregon's IME situation may have elements similar to California's.

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    a more direct lint to the OR IME study:

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    Thanks much, Retired. I'd also like to recommend that others read the info from the links you've so kindly provided above. IW's may especially be interested in what they can learn from the several offerings at the

    I'm also planning to read Mr. Tarpinian's article: "The Next Assault on Workers' Comp" later this evening. It will be interesting to see if any of his theories coincide with some of my own. ( Have you been able to read it yet?).

    Appreciate the contributions!


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    Geeze Louise - He sure does!

    "With the support of the Chamber of Commerce and other emplyer groups, the NFIB is spearheading the campaign to end Workers' Compensation as we know it. They are half way through the process. The massive task of PUSHING THROUGH THE LEGISLATION STATE BY STATE began in the late 1980's."

    Mr. Tarpinian goes on to write...."Non-scheduled soft-tissue injuries will be limited or abolished." ( Did this guy used to work-out with Arnold at the gym..or what ?) OR...Exactly how many Insurance industry "insiders" or politicians' did he know way back..."when?" ( I'm bein' ficticious) Yet.... seems that most of what he said in the article IS coming to pass!

    The answers to some of my questions were answered within the context of the links you provided, Retired. I now have a clearer understanding of what appears to be the "dynamics" of my own WC circumstance. From this article's perspective.. I would guess that due to the applicable "easier to diagnose" facts of my injuries; that I have been spared of a great many WC issues/problems. This would "explain" alot. Wah Hoo ??

    Still have more questions, though. Even IF the "powers that be" seem to have already had the answers....for a long, long time.

    More about "easy to diagnose" injuries, the difference in Med-Legal Reports, RSD within the WC community, what's really going on within New York's WC System "reform"...etc.

    No big deal....I just do.

    Might you have some insights on any of the above that you would care to elaborate upon ? Anyone else ?

    Thanks, again. WOW


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