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    i was recently injured at work..mid back and upper back muscle spasims and sprain.i contacted my employer the following day after going to the Urgent Care for treatment..There i only recieved a muscle relaxer and NO anti inflammatory..the day after that iw as able to get into to see a regular doctor with my doctors home office..she then took xrays and confirmed the sprains and verified the muscles spasims and with the muscles swelled to the pointof putting pressure on my left lung..She perscribed to me Valium Vicodine Flexarall and Motrin each med i was to take 3 times a day .. morning noon and night..I had taken the medication as she directed and got absolutly no relief whats so off to another doctor appointment which this time i was seen by my doctor..she had upped my valium to 10mg 3 times a day and also perscribed Tramadol 3 times a day and advised me to continue to take the flexarall 3 times a day..yet on top of that she had added more restrictions to the list..1> all work must be at a sit down position 2>no stretching or reaching of either arm or use of left hand.3> no bending twisting or turning of my back..she stated she would not take meo ff of work because she did not feel like dealing with any of the paper i in turn went to a different doctor and he to could not release me of my work duties because of the injury but he could release me of my work duties because of the narcotics i am on and the muscle relaxers i am taking..should i still be eligible for W/C ?

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    I would call and talk to my Employer and set up an appointment with the Medical Staff at work or Human Resources. Go into work, take your med's. with you and ask the person in charge if they feel it is safe for you to work. In other words, put the ball in there court. Not to many employers want the liability of an employee taking narcotics while working. Take your uour union steward or a witness with you. GET IT IN WRITING! AND ALWAYS, ALWAYS, KEEP RECORDS OF EVERYTHING, MAKE COPIES.

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