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    I had my voc rehab meeting on Jan. 28. I had the meeting with my attorney at his office. We went through my history and experience. It was easy to explain my employment history, only had this one career which I can no longer do. Now she also asked what my job consisted of, hoping some of the skills can transfer over, and hopefully some might. She was very pleasent and helpfull. She was also very happy with the way I carried my self and thought I would have no problem interviewing for a job once I had some formal training. She did touch on the settlement issue(it was ok since my attorney was present). She only stated that the better paying CAREER I was able to get, the less the IC would have to pay out in a settlement. I aggreed that I was more interested in going back to what I was making then what my settlement would be. Now she gave me a bunch of websites that basically had a bunch of jobs listed with details of those jobs, so I can go through and start getting her some input on what I would like to be doing so she can then send it in with her "profile" for approval. She basically said she will recommend any job I put in for (with in reason). The only problem is I am having a hard time deciding. I have looked at hundreds of jobs, but can't decide on a "list" to send her. Any one with any input on what they did before injury and what they did after voc rehab would be great.

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    aaron Guest


    What did you do b4 ?
    What are your new restrictions?
    The question is what can you do next.
    It was great to hear that the meeting went smoothly.
    Are you the type who can sit at a compter all day?
    The V/R system loves to train people into computers, security guards, smog techs....

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    2young4this Guest


    I was a diesel mechanic. My restrictiond are now light/med. duty. Nothing over 30#, no lifting above shoulders, no sitting for more than 60 minutes w/o break (which I don't see as a problem), no standing more than 45 minutes, no crawling,.... Basically no physical labor anymore. Computer are a snap for me, but the interest is not really there.

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    aaron Guest


    Have you thought about a service writter or service manager style position?
    There is a lot of Trucking companies, bus repair facilities .
    This may be a thought at least.... and you could use your experience too.

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    mare Guest


    2young4this, you sound like where i would've been 25 years ago if i hadn't needed a steady income so badly. myself, not being so severely injured at the time that i absolutely couldn't work at all, for about 18 years i bit-the-bullet and treated with physicians on my own and missed some periods of work off-and-on throughout the years. i had to carry on because i had a child to raise without any assistance. the old body eventually got the best of me when she was about 6 months away from graduating college. just a few months after she graduated, since i had ended up in the position i was in, she had to ditch her plans to attend graduate school and instead, get a crappy job as soon as she could to support both of us when my temporary total benefits got cut off from a lot of screw ups in the system. (she's married and attending graduate school now) it all just totally sucks, doesn't it? have you ever taken any of the career planning tests online at various sites on the internet to determine the career you'd best be suited for, based on your interests? in case you haven't, check them out... they're pretty cool. good luck with everything!

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    dennis Guest


    2young, be very carefull when excepting voc. rehab
    I was a 28 year truck driver making a good amount of money before lack of maintenance on my truck shattered two discs in my back. I accepted voc rehab, moved from california to nevada for 3 months, attended school 6 days a week training to be a slot machine technition only to learn the job market is saturated and the pay scale half of what i was promised. once you go through voc rehab thats it!! no more money, no re-training, nothing!! my lawer got his share, i got scr wed!!

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    aaron Guest


    Dennis Law;
    I was wondering
    a) how long ago you went thru this
    b) what area are you from.
    another member was considering the same training in the near future.
    It would be great if he could get a heads up b4 hand.
    i know if I saw someone with simular challanges getting ready to go thru the same V/R that I did,
    I could offer a wealth of info and even some warnings.
    Thank you

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