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    Default Do I have to have surgery?

    Hi, I've been diagnosed with moderate carpal tunnel syndrome and rib disfunction in cervical area and a restricted facet in my thoracic spine area and a few bulging discs. after I go through the recomended chiropractic and therapy for the back and it doesn't help me and they recomend surgury. Do I have to do it. I would rather live with the pain I have than get surgury on my spine. Also do I have to get carpal tunnel surgury? So basically I'm wondering if I don't do the surguries will workmans comp not pay me?


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    anum Guest


    You don't have to have will still be considered disabled and eligible for ttd payments. Surgery is elective.

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    maria Guest


    I agree, surgery is elective. However, you will not be paid TTD forever if you are not taking any treatment to cure or releive your injury. At some point the doctors will decide that if you are not having surgery you have reached MMI / P&S. AT that point your TTD will stop and you may or may not receive a Permanent Disability Settlement

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    zoom Guest


    Maria, my situation is similar to anon. I have refused the surgery, this is not to say that somewhere down the line if my injury farther declines that I won't have any choice but to have the surgery. My question is how do I assure that if this does indeed happen and I go down hill I will be able to get the surgery later? Also if I am made MMI/P&S and the doctors says I can't return to my present job how long will it be before I receive a NOPE if the company I work for can't meet the restrictions. Oh yeah, one more thing if I go and see my doctor should I just mention that since I have refused the surgery it might be time for the final report or just let it ride. At the present I'm not receiving any treatments except pain meds but I'm still getting TTD payments which come in handy.

    thanks for your help

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    maria Guest


    If your case is settled based on MMI/P&S and yo have not had surgery, the doctors must include in their report that you may need surgery at a later date, and you keep your medical treatment open.

    Once made P&S, the IC should send the NOPE letter when the report is received by them.

    You don't have to tell the doctor to do the P&S report. He should do it when he determines you are P&S. You should tell him if you are refusing surgery.

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    anonmo1 Guest


    maria sounds smart, anum, what are you trying to say

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    zoom Guest


    Maria is smart, one of her thoughts would bust your head wide open...............

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    nj Guest


    Ouchhhh that hurt somebody pass me a vioxx,,lol

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    anum Guest


    anonmo1 said "maria sounds smart, anum, what are you trying to say "

    She may be smart....But experience counts. I speak from "EXPERIENCE" the best teacher of all. I'm not saying she's wrong..just saying what happenned to me. Surgery is not a mandatory requirement for ttd. Payments don't stop at mmi. At least not in my case and a few others I've seen in here. It is an insurance adjusters dream come true though..but a good lawyer should wake him up. Like my attorney says..these people aren't Gods even though they may think so.

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    maria Guest


    My point is, it's up to the doctor when you are P&S/MMI. You cannot just sit back and take no treatment and expect to remain on TTD forever. Now, does it happen, sure, some slip under the radar. TTD is temporary totally disabled, presuming you are only temporarily disabled while medical treatment is being provided and you are expected to somehow improve. If you are not going to improve, you are not TTD.

    But the norm is that when you have accepted or tried all reasonable treatment and are not expected to improve any further, you have reached MMI. Thus TTD should stop and PD, if any, should be paid.


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