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    Default Questions for Injured Wisconsin Workers

    Just wanted to ask everyone a few questions,hoping for alot of answers.Here it goes
    1).How were you hurt at work,how long ago,how bad /what injury was and how your doing physically.
    2)Were you sent to Comps doctor and he turned the other doctors words all around and said you reached platue and of course he only said that to save comp money.Mention his name if you want.
    3)Are any of you mentally drained from how comp treat you?
    Im just trying to figure how many other people like myself,are so frustrated with the system.Im seriously thinking of getting help(mentally)over all this.I would like to start a support group if enough people interested.
    Thanks for any response

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    Many of us get depressed from what is going on in life after a work related injury. The trick is not to allow them to win and keep you that way.

    You will find on this forum not only help - but also those that vent as well - that's part of the therapy this group offers. Most of our friends don't realize what we are going through - yet those friends we have made on this forum do understand it. They listen and offer good advice even when we are at wits end.

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    Hi, I'm new to the forum as well as workman's comp. I was injured on the job 3 weeks ago and already feeling afraid and confused because I'm getting a big run around from the doctors. I think they messed my care up from the beginning and now I have worse problem then what I started with and don't know what to do. My gut feeling is I need to find a lawyer and definitely another doctor who can help me fast, although from what I'm hearing, if they've waited to long to help me, the nerve damage is most likely permanent(?)
    If you can refer me to a lawyer in Eau Claire/La Crosse area I would be grateful. I just don't know where to start....just pick one out of the phone book?

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    My husband was injuried Oct 02. He was in the hospital for 5 weeks. After being out of the hospital for 2 months, the nurse case manager suggested a pain management doctor. PM dr was good at first. He went to this dr for 9 months (Jan - Sep). She put driving restrictions on him because of the medication he is taking. The nurse case manager went into the room with my husband and myself. We were naive and didn't know any better. At one point, the pain dr said she should totally disable my husband but due to his age she said he would go bonkers. That was in Jul. The nurse case manager and the dr step outside for a few moments and that was the end of the visit. Every visit after that she was telling my husband he needed to find employment his driving restrictions were totally lifted even though he was getting double vision and lightheaded and sometimes even falling down. She told us it wasn't her job to get my husband a job and hopefully he would find a sympathetic employer who would understand when the pain was so bad he couldn't come to work. Within 2 months she put my husband at MMI.

    He is still under his primary doctor's care and not working nor will he ever work again. He has filed for disability SS and awaiting that long nightmare of fun. (Almost 2 years of waiting)

    Has he gotten depressed? Oh yes big time. Sometimes when I would come home I didn't know if I was going to find him alive or not. His mental state is a continous roller coaster ride. There are somedays he doesn't he have the strength or will to get out of bed.

    Now the IC had a Voc Rehab counselor evaluate him. The initial report was he rated high for most all labor jobs but not really office environment. So we don't know where that is going to lead too. Just waiting and waiting and I think that is what is killing him the most is waiting and the unknown.

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