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    Default Does Workers Comp Cover Injury Caused By Treatment of Work-Related Condition

    I had a knee injury in August of last year at my job(fell off a step ladder) and WC put off my Surgery for 4 months, leaving me to take 600mg of Ibuprofen every 6 hours for the entire 4 months just to dull the pain. In that time the ibuprofen caused stomach problems that are now reaccurring and I may have an ulcer as a result but can't afford to go for the tests. I know the ibuprofen caused the problem is WC responsible to cover that too?

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    It all comnes down to what the Doctor says... If a doctor says its related to the med.s, then it should all be tied together with the claim....

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    I was hurt on the job but even after pt didnt work they decided to not do surgery on my knees because they said it would make them worst, in the mean time I have went to two doctors on my own and both have said surgery is needed, one of the comments workmancomp have made is they dont want the added exspense of the rehab after surgery, isnt there any way not to have to fight so hard for what is right???

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    Most work comp allows settlement and then pursue the treatment you want.

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    By the time they "settle",there is not always enough funds left from attempting to get your life back into some financial order....This is why it may be to your benefit to consult with an attorney and determine if perhaps "OPEN MEDICAL" may be a viable opton for your particular medical situation......Especially when you face the fact that age tends to weaken even the healthiest of human beings! And yes, "Virginia"...We are STILL human beings!!!!!

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    RAM: I"ve had two previous back injuries inthe last year of my job.iN SEPT I was pleying in a company softball tournament I injured my back again I was on short term disability for six months on the fourth month of they tried a steriod enjection it did not work then on the fifth month they did surgery to remove part of the disc I was unable to return to work by the end of the sixth therefore I was terminated from my job As of today I've been released and able to my job and have reapplied for my job my boss wants me back but Human resources is hesitant I never wanted to go on workmans comp cause I thought I would be able togo back to workbefore the six month period bottom line is all Iwant my job and the doctor had told me it was probably related to the two previous injuries I had at work!!

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