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    Default Neck and back injury Workers Compensation in Wisconsin

    Hi my husband was injured in March of last year. Was reported to work but they didn't tell work comp til November. Meanwhile hubby went to Dr. , Chiroprator, therapy, injections, pain meds etc.
    He has a lawyer and has done everything asked of him. He saw the IME last week. Then saw his spine specialist that told him he's as good as he will ever get and wrote down PPD. lots of restrictions and to never return to his type of work again as an occupation.
    What we read in his lawyers papers is after he gets his disability rating that work comp doesn't have to pay him anymore....What now??? since it will be 9-12 months til a hearing date.. Can he get unemployment? We'll be up the creek without a paddle. I have a job but it doesn't pay well.
    If anyone has info please let me know. Thanks

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    Wisconsin provides Vocational Rehabilitation benefits for those who are unable to return to their previous occupation. For more information see

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    Apply for the vocational rehab as SH recomomended. However, if your husband can not return to his previous occupation, he needs to apply and search for other jobs. While he is doing this, he can collect payments from workers' compensation which are called 31-308(a) benefits here in the State of Connecticut (not sure what they are called in WI). These benefits are available to an injured worker whose physician certified that the employee is unable to perform his usual work and/or if the employer does not have suitable work to meet the restrictions of an injuried worker. What this means is that if your husband applies for 5 jobs per week and submits the name, position and phone # of those positions he applied for to the insurance company, they will continue to send your husband a weekly check until he finds a job. I am upset that your attorney has not advised you or your husband of this and has left you feeling desperate, that is very wrong of him/her. The PPD rating you received will result in a lump sum payment to you and your husband also, the amount depends on the rating that the doctor gave him. If you would like for me to figure out what the payment should be to you and your husband, feel free to contact me privately at

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    WI Workers' Compensation Statute 102.43 speaks about how an employee is paid while retraining.

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    Here is a link to some Vocational Rehabilitation Providers (some may not be current)
    You can learn a lot by reading the statutes for you’re state regarding WORKER'S COMPENSATION. Here is a link to the 2005 Wisconsin Statutes.
    Inside these statutes are the answers to all you’re questions, although it’s a lot to go through for a healthy person the injured need to have answers as to know there rights.
    God bless & good luck to you’re family

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