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    I am going for a rating in two weeks. I have flattening of the ventral thecal sac with disc dehydration and buldging of the annulus at L2-3. Disc height loss, disc dehydration, there is a right foraminal disc protrusion that does severely narrow the right neural foraman and displaces the nerve at L3-4. There is loss of dics height with end plate irregularity and osteophyte foramation as well mild end plate signal changesand a braod based protrusion both paracentrel and foraminal region. there is flattening of the left anterolateral thecal sacas well as severe left foraminal stenosis at L4-5. Disc dehydration and broad based protrsuion with considerable narrowing of the right neural foraman which has contributed to left facet arthropathy at L5-S1. T11-12 has a diffuse annular bulge. Im looking for nothing more than an what you might think or objectivity on what has been seen in the past for whole body ratings. What % I might expect Thx

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    I have a herniated disc at L5-S1 and a bulge at
    L3-L4. I have the stenious. The L5-S1 disc is
    compressed possibly irrating the nerve root. I also have some end plate problems as well. You
    may get a little more. But I was given only 7%
    for all of that. Good luck

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