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    Default What happens after MMI

    I have a question about whats going to happen after i recieve my mmi, the ortho doc is giving me my rating next week on my wrist, will my ttd checks stop after this is done or will they continue until a settlement is recieved. My employer laid me off while i was recovering and could not get a job with my restrictions i am a plumber and broke my dominant wrist I have very little rom and have suffered form rsd since the first surgery, I live in Tennessee and would appreciate any input.

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    Per tennessee comp law:
    "When the injured employee reaches maximum medical improvement (mmi), and the compensability has not been contested, payments shall continue until the earlier of the following events: 1) the injured employee accepts or rejects a job offered by the employer at a wage equal to or greater than the employee's pre-injury wage, 2) the parties agree to waive the holding of a benefit review conference, or 3) a benefit review conference is held and a report is filed. In no case may these payments exceed the lesser of 60 days or the value of the permanent partial disability award calculated by the medical impairment given by the treating physician.

    The injured employee should be offered a settlement in writing within thirty (30) days of receipt of the medical impairment rating. This applies only to those employees whose injuries result in permanent disability. There will be no settlement if an employee recovers completely from the injury."


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