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    jaxlady Guest


    After a long wait, my husband finally received a disability rating from our 2nd opinion doctor.

    From the neurosurgeon's report: "Patient is in DRE lumbrosacral category II, page 102 of the AMA guidelines to the Evaluation of Permanent impairment, 4th edition. This carries a 5% whole person impairment".

    Due to other health probelms, 'Jax' is not an appropriate candidate for surgical intervention or discography. The doctor further gives permanent work restrictions as follows;
    "Permanently avoid lifting more than 30 lbs. up to twice in a workday, 15 lbs. occassioanlly & no frequent lifting. Avoid lifting from below knuckle height. Avoid repetitive bending & twisting of the lower back." And, "an authorized physician should monitor & provide pain medication in the future. A one month trial of a TENS unit should be considered for pain reduction".

    Is a 5% whole person impairment rating common for this type of injury? What exactly does that mean?

    He has already tried a TENS unit with little affect on his pain levels. Epidural injections were suggested previously, but only under the supervision of a specialist.

    We appreciate your input & continued support.

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    sh Guest


    The AMA Whole Person Impairment scale is a method of relating impairment in one part of the body to imapirment of the whole body. The AMA rating guideline has many different scales and detailed instructions to allow the physcian to convert them into the whole person impairment %.

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    edk Guest


    my restrictions were more severe than Jax and the rating was very similar. My problems are cervical, shoulder, and neurological in nature.

    I recieved the rsd-4 unit, a small unit easy to use and it helped after consistant daily use. I would suggest that he go ahead and try it, if it helps WC will purchase it for him. I still use mine and had settled over a year ago

    In KS the 5% does not amount to much, UNLESS you can prove that the injury prevents you from doing the job you have done for a long long time. I lucked out (to some degree) because my restrictions kept me from performing the job I had done for 25 years. I could prove that I had only done this job since 1978. Due to that the rule of thumb was overridden and I was eligble for more. With the cap in Kansas "more" is never much, but heck every little bit helps. Hopefully it will be the same for Jax.

    good luck

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    mel Guest


    edk, what is thersd-4 unit that you are referring to? I have never heard of it. Would be interested in hearing more about this and how it works, costs ect.

    Also, have you heard of the new medication Palladone?

    What were you rated with your RSd and where was it located and had it spread?


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    edk Guest


    Mel I added an initial I shouldn't have; it is the rs-4i unit

    I do not have rsd, at least not that I have been told (lol) I was dx with myofacial pain syndrome and thoracic outlet syndrome, along with some "itis's" and bulging disks. so far I have been spared the horrors of rsd.

    hope the site answers your questions

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    mel Guest


    OK, this is an RS Stimulator, similar but better than a tens unit, I already have one, hoped it would be something else.

    Thanks anyway.

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