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    Default What To Expect At An Issue Hearing

    I have a hearing coming up in May. Injured Jan 04 knee, back, elbow and hand. My neck was a little stiff. My injury was a slip and fall on ice during the day at my job. I called my HR person and reported the injury and she filed my paperwork. I assumed they have accepted the claim because WC has been paying TTD up until now. I had knee surgery in Sept. I developed RSD, and has had a lot of other issues going on in the knee like subluxation, chromalacia, neuroma, torn meniscal, tendanitis, and how boat load of stuff. RSD developed in November-doctor caught in it time I hope. I have lower back pain which has been diagnos as sciatica. I have been going to PT and following my PTP orders. IC asked for an IME in Jan and April both stated I am OK. Cut my PT down to 1x a week and stated my RSD has resolved. Stated I could go back to work full time full duty. I not sure what reports he is looking at because that is so not true. I recently ask my doc if it was ok to work and he said I can try light duty for 3x a week. My job was terminated in Nov 04. I called my employer and ask for light duty-no response from employer. I am represented by an attorney. What can I expect at the hearing? I need PT to fight the atrophy, RSD, sciatica issues, voc if I am eligible and ready,obtain mileage and future medical care. What do I need to do to prepare for this hearing? I never had any work related injury as the IME state my knee and back injury are preexisting? Any information would be helpful. I am in the MD area. Thank you.

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    the ime will always try to screw you and say your injury is pre-existing or you're faking. so discount what they say and get your own doc who will vouch for you in court. if you are afflicted with all those problmems then 1- im so sorry, 2- if you don't have a lawyer, then get one yesterday!!! the ic will try to nail you to a wall and say all those problems were preexisting. at the hearing the judge will hear both sides. your attorney may put you on the stand, then the insurance attorney will try to twist everything you say and look at you and then at the judge like you just lied. yeah, those f-ing vultures. hold your ground! let me know how it goes for ya!!!!!!!!

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    It sounds like you have been placed MMI by you’re primary care physician and the hearing is for you’re PPD rating. The IME for the insurance more than likely gave you a low rating and the IME for you’re side gave you a higher rating. The judge will decide what you get at the hearing. Judges are always impressed with a knowledgeable injured worker. You need to learn what’s available to you by the law and concentrate on the reality of you’re injury. You will be asked questions on how this effects you in you’re daily life, things you do differently now compared to before the injury. It is very important to know what you’re going to say as to make sure the judge understands what’s going on with you today and in the future. Get a haircut, dress sharp, show the judge respect and look the judge in the eye when answering questions. Above all tell the truth. Before you go learn all you can about the things that will help you help yourself by knowing what’s available under the law.
    I would learn what I could about Permanent Partial Disability and the statutes that pertain to it.

    I would also learn about Maryland Rehabilitation Services.

    The State of Maryland law (LE-9-671, LE 9-6A-18) mandates that practitioners must be certified or registered before providing vocational rehabilitation services for the Maryland injured worker. Practitioners providing vocational rehabilitation services for more than 3 injured workers per year are required to be certified with the Workers’ Compensation Commission. Practitioners providing vocational rehabilitation services for 3 or less injured workers per year are required to be registered with the Workers’ Compensation Commission.
    Good Luck and God Bless

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    Thank you for all of your feedback: The hearing is an issues hearing to get my PT back which was decreased by the IC after an IME done in Jan 05 and flat out NO to Chiro. The IME is also stating full duty and the IC company has not agreed to any vocational benefits. My doctor has given me permission to work light duty if I can tolerate it, my employer terminated my job in Nov. I have tried to called them back to check if any light duty and they stated NO. I am still under the my PTP for medical care. I have RSD in my knee and sciatica nerve is an issue in my back with pain running down the lateral side of my leg.

    What should I do at this point? I am still getting TTD/Should I be attempting to get voc benefits or retraining? Should I continue on with the treatment with the possibility of future surgery in my knee and lower back? Should I ask for a settlement and future treatment and get the treatment for RSD on my own with WC/IC/AA being involved? It has been almost a year with my medical treatment and WC. I am not interest in being part of the WC system for years.

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