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    He agreed with my surgeon that a fusion would be "appropriate" and that I would also require regular medical check-ups and follow-up visits in the future.

    He stated in his report that he would now deem me a "QIW" even without the future fusion.

    What I'm confused about, is to why he also RX'd "the need for 18 to 24 PT treatments per year - Isn't this unusual in light of the 24 "lifetime" PT limitation as was set forth by SB-899? (DOI was in 2002).

    I'm not compaining, but wonder if he's on top of the new CA Workers Comp legislation, or am I not fully understanding the LC.

    The evaluation was an extensive and lengthy one, and was performed in Dec. 2004. Have been advised that this places my case under the old PDRS, but this, the only QME, didn't "P and S" me, nor has my PTP yet. Am still receiving TTD.


    ( I was however, P and S'd by an AME for another accepted, injured body-part over a year and a half ago).

    Might anyone be able to offer me more clarification and insight ?

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    P.S. If it should make a difference - The other OJI that I've already been P and S'd on, happened at the same time as my other injury.. (I'm also being represented by a very busy, California WC attorney).

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    You have nothing to worry about. The choice will be if or not you choose to have the surgery. If you choose not to have the surgery, the TTD will stop and you will go onto maintaince treatment and finite PD. That will end too but you can keep your future medical open which will of course go to the UR process and be worthless without another QME which you will sit and wait for.

    The law says 24 visits per year I believe

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    The new laws permit the carrier/employer to approve more then the 24 visits. I suspect the doctor was trying to make a case for them to do so.
    It would seem contradictory to make you permanent and stationary and to also say that you'll improve with surgery.

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    That's the key...the insurance co can approve more than 24 visits. Now to tell the truth, do you think they will? Your gamble.

    Also, if you do not opt for the surgery you are permanent and stationary since they can do no more for you.

    It is really your body and your choice. You live in that little body of yours. So ultimately...your choice...a fusion is serious business.

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    Oh by the way...everyone who has a fusion in the neck has difficulty swallowing since they move the esophagus to the side while they do the work. So later one of the side effects of a neck fusion is difficulty swallowing.

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    'I Know Who You Are,' and SH:

    Thank you for your help and advice.

    It's major decision time - I have made arrangements for an in-office, conference with my attorney - (Directly after a scheduled appointment with my neurosurgeon).

    Your combined insights have been added to an extensive list of questions that will be dicussed with both.

    Thanks much for your time... it's very much appreciated.

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    I feel for you in your making this decision. No decision like this is easy.

    You might ask the question, "What will happen if I choose to not have this surgery?" "How would it affect my life and ability to work?" "What are the chances of this surgery working or not working?"

    You can do some things to help the healing process. Every doctor I have spoken with says that stopping smoking is critical. Remember, that smoking causes constriction of blood vessels. The constriction then cuts down the blood supply to healing tissues.

    Either way, you are in some difficult if not uncomfortable shoes right now. When I am in this way, I take it to prayer, and then the answer in time, just jumps out at me.

    Good luck!!

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    It should go well if you continue to ask questions and insist on being part of the decision making. If the docs and lawyers refuse to include you, walk.

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    Thanks again - If fusion is the option that I choose to pursue; than the healing process should go quite well.

    In times of doubt; there is also a saying that my parents taught to me that has always served me well:

    "Let Go and Let God."

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