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    Default Workers Comp Benefits and MMI

    Question...I live in South Dakota and sustained a back injury otj. I went through surgery to remove a herniated disc. Dr has rated me at MMI with a 5% (PPD) whole body impairment. Anyone know how much I should expect to receive from the i/c and if future medical will be covered?

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    tf Guest


    I recieved around 2000 dollars and all my medical
    is still covered for life for that injury as long
    as you see a doctor once a year.

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    thumper Guest


    In CT, it goes by a percentage of your pay by 52 weeks. My husband is getting his right now. So whatever you were being paid on total disability x's 52 weeks. Plus medical care until you received a Final settlement and your file is closed. Comp Commissioner should be able to tell you.

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    Thanks, I received an email from the i/c yesterday. Seems in SD they multiply 312 weeks by your percentage to figure out how many weeks to pay and then multiply that by your wage. I'm just curious if they will attempt to settle any future medical care as I am unsure if I would accept it because of ongoing problems. But I have been through so much over the past 11 months concerning this injury that I may just settle.

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    Man, are you guy lucky. Don't ever move to Texas. Here, when you get a rating like me at 17%, they pay your AWW (average weekly wage) x 3, so that is 51 weeks.

    Then if you are above a 15% rating, you get to get SIBS. (supplemental income benefits).

    Bear in mind you only get monies for a grand total of 401 weeks from the DATE OF INJURY.

    No, how stupid is that?

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