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    dennison Guest

    Default Important Issues for Injured Workers

    Below is a link to an article I had actually posted a few days ago on another thread and no one seemed to respond so I am not sure if any one noticed the thread. I believe it to be important that all IW's take notice and read this article and if you wish comment to the article at the bottom, this is a way to make your voices be heard.
    This is a serious issue and WC Insurance Companies are included in this Probe, so please read and get involved.
    This torch is getting awfully heavy....

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    dennison Guest


    I had put another article there, that had been published in the Los Angeles Times, but can't seem to copy the Link so below is the thread where I originally put the post.
    Hope you all read this.

    Eliot Spitzer To Investigate Workers' Compensation

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    pt Guest


    I had started the thread back in April with articles from two seperate web sites, reflecting the beginning of the WC probe/investgation disclousures.

    No response other than your post, about a week later.

    Only thing that I would guess; is that a majority of the forum's IW's have more than enough on their own plates to either comment about it, or have simply chosen to concentrate on other issues. Perhaps there will be some responses this time around.

    Anyway...this IS a major breakthrough - and one which could eventually lead to some changes of huge porportion related to the insurance industry.


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    dennison Guest


    Thanks as always PT,

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    108days Guest


    They need to start in California

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    jeff Guest


    The FBI needs to check this out too.

    Thaks for the info. Maybe heads will spin acrss the states.

    Jeffrey M. Schlund

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    arizona Guest


    Hi. After reading numerous forums over this site and others I've decided to write and ask a question. I was injured 10 months ago while on the job. I was attacked by a pit bull. I've had one surgery to remove lymph nodes from my neck and shoulder and now am being scheduled for surgery to repair rotator cuff and labral tears. w/c has been paying me and all of my Dr's but at the same time having me search for work. My career was a very physical one which I'm not sure I can/want to return to. I have also suffered from ptsd (diagnosed) from this. Had the first orthopedic rx so much narcotic meds I became addicted. (that's about all he did) At what point to I need an attorney and how do you go about finding one? Thanks for any info you can provide.

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    arizona Guest


    p.s lymph nodes were removed due to infection from dog attack.

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    anon Guest


    I would say you need one NOW. Call any comp attorney in the phone book and get a free consult.

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    jeff Guest


    Ever thought about going after the owner of the pit bull too? What state are you in? Get that PTSD added to your claim. Getting an attorney is like buying a car, you need to check it out before you sign. No disrespect intended there Anon.

    Jeffrey M. Schlund

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