My name is Jerry Flock
I am an injured worker, I was injured on May 27 1997 my Employer had let

there insurance expire it was found that in Alaska workers compensation
Decision and Order AWCB Case No. 14763 AWCB Decision No.99-0063 that
employer(We find this case to be particularly egregious due to Smarts
repetitious pattern of noncompliance. From March 8, 1991 through
31, 1998 (a period of 93 months), Smart received 16 notices of
for nonpayment of premiums and failure to submit monthly reports. Smart
uninsured for 37 percent of that time (34 months, 2 weeks, and 2 days).

During that same time period, nine (9) employees were injured on the
two of whom were seriously injured while Smart was uninsured. Stated
differently, 22 percent of the injured employees were injured when Smart
uninsured. We conclude Smarts conduct of knowing and repetitious
pattern of
noncompliance merits referral to the District Attorney's Office for
This is only the beginning the next seven years that followed have been
<FONT COLOR="ff0000">••••</FONT> a short caption of which is
&#42; Employer not paying medical bill, jerry not receiving full
medical attention
&#42; Because of employer negligence on paying medical bills jerry
needed I life
saving surgery received September 1999 one that employer was made
responsible for through workers compensation but would not pay, after
fighting state public assistance for almost a year state of Alaska
agreed to
pay half of the cost of surgery &#40;10,500&#41;, this nearly cost me my life
several times before during and after. States attitude during was that
Sylvain mulcher &#40;Mr. Flock is just the type of person to fall through
health cracks of workers compensation, public assistance and social
&#42; Even after in workerscomp employers 1999 annual report was found
to be an
edit error but never corrected or charged for penalties according to law

should owe state 66,000 dollars. State refuses to collect but yet they
collect from me on money I had ceased for my medical bills regardless
the law reads.
&#42; Workers compensation several times on different occasions passed
employer to special prosecutors office for criminal charges as least
times first being 1999.
&#42; At one point Workers compensation ordered employer to set up a
bond for
medical, employer again repetitious pattern of noncompliance choose not
do so, workerscomp then ordered general in contempt again through the
special prosecutors office, now according to Alaska Statutes AS
Contempt. The only question here should be why should general not be
held in
contempt this is not what judge Eric sanders did instead he just asked
whether employer could afford it or not employer stated no judge said
your not in contempt regardless of the case file in front of him
out that the C&amp;R was set-aside for lying about there assets.

This is only a few of the injustices that have taken place; injustice
pertains to my due process as well as gross negligence on my
In layman terms and in your words I am tired of falling through the
of the system, workerscomp, justice, public assistance, as well as
security ,A system that you suppose to have created to protect me. You
used against me.
The bottom line is this The State of Alaska gives this Employer General
roofing System every year a license to operate in this state at some
regardless of the action or in States case lack of action. The State
will be
responsible for the employer&#39;s noncompliance to the law it is because of

this unlawful business practice both by the employer and State agencies
has caused my hard ship and made it necessary for me to file for Social
Security Disability which I have been waiting more than two years.

I will not take this abuse any longer I will find somebody to help I
find somebody for the cause of justice to stop the injustice any idea
Me at or 907-929-33599
All Above I swear is true