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    ann Guest

    Default Brachial plexus injury

    If anyone of you have/had a bracial plexus much range& muscle did you get back? If you reached your MMI, what type of rating did your doctor give you?


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    2fedup Guest


    Prior to determining the extent of the injury, the WC will have to due test such as nerve conduction studies. After that test is given, it well will determine the extent of your injury. Meantime, you need to secure good legal repesentation.

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    tami Guest


    I have a brachial plexus injury that I sustained over 8 months ago. As for range, I have flexion (forward movement) of 65 degrees, and abduction (out to the side) of 60 degrees. Luckily my hand was not involved. I haven't reached MMI yet but that will be soon I think. I recently got approval to see a specialist in a neighboring town that deals with this type of injury. From what I understand, EMG/NCS aren't the only thing used to determine the extent of injury. How long have you had this injury? Is it a stretch, tear or avulsion? All of this will have an impact on recovery.

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    ann Guest


    Hi Tami,

    Could I please email you personally.Your the only person so far,with this type injury and I would like to compare notes.

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    pooh Guest



    I also suffer from a bracial plexus injury. Actually my neuro suspects tos at this point. I was put at MMI in 2003. I have retained most muscle and range of motion. Actually the only range of motion I have lost is that to the back of me. Does it hurt yes - Mine is also with damage to the long thoracic nerve.

    Does it take a while to heal - the answer is yes.

    What type of x-rays have you had?? Have you had the stress x-rays - ie holding weights in your hand to see if any broken bones around the clavicle? MRI? CT scan? I had the normal x-rays and the MRI. I have also had emg/ncs done as well. If you have winging of the scapula - if they do and emg - you may also ask them to compare the Long thoracic nerves as well.

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    ann Guest



    Ive had Xrays,Ct,Arthrogram,and MRIs.Stress Xrays-no.The clavicle is healed.EMG done 4 weeks ago did show that the healing you probebly no, so no more PT treatments and all doctors.I was hurt 3.5 years ago.Yes,Im in alot of pain all the time,only heat helps.Are you still under ANY doctor care? My Orth doctor just said this is all I will be.I cant lift anything with the affected side.Only thing he could tell me for sure is I will have this pain for life.My attorney believes this is a body as a whole injury cause the pain is everywhere,not just shoulder to arm.what % did you get?Thanks.

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    pooh Guest



    I was rated at 0% and then they denied futher medical treatment. I have sought treatment on my own since I was denied a 2nd opinion and we go to court on this next month. Part of the reason they denied further treatment was because I ended up with Avascular necrosis in the shoulder that was injured initially.

    EMG/NCS tests your nerves - not the bones - so that test could not have been used to say that the healing had ended. Now as far as using the EMG - that would mean the nerve is not expected to get any better at this time.

    Most of the information that we have found out on my shoulder we found out after the doctor released me at MMI. My neurologists were the ones that went the extra mile to try and figure out what was going on in the shoulder.

    Now both my shoulders were injured - the rt was the initial injury where I ended up pulling almost all the muscles in the shoulder along with the long thoracic nerve and disarranging the ac joint. (No stress x-rays were taken either - actually no x-rays until 6 months later)

    I still suffer from upper back muscle spasms from the injury - and those go into the neck. After about 10 months of not working at the job I was injured at - I have gotten most of the strength back in my hands - even though I still suffer from numbness and tingling - more so when my arms are elevated than in normal position or at night. Burning still persists, and weakness off and on in the arms themselves. Some days it's a strain just to lift a gallon of milk - about 8 lbs -

    Now as far as your attorney goes - he is most likley correct because the nerve is actually running out of the spine that was injured.

    Have you been tested for TOS (Thoracic outlet syndrom)?

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    tami Guest


    You can e-mail me at This injury has been a stuggle and a source of frustration. I am not sure which nerves you had injured. Mine are both the suprascapular and axillary nerves. Healing for the nerves take time as you know. Looking forward to hearing from you.

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