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    john Guest

    Default Impairment Rating vs. Whole Body Disability Rating

    Sorry I my have posted this in the wrong place before.
    What is the dfferance between % impairment rating and % whole person disibility rating?

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    edk Guest


    John, the impairment rating is based on the actual injury; the whole body is based on how that injury effects you as a whole.

    For example, you loose a finger in a work related accident. That finger is 100% impaired as it is gone but its absence only affects your functions a small %.

    My injury was in the entire upper right quad of my person. I recieved a very low whole body rating for that. My impairment rating was a different story as its restrictions disallowed me from performing my career of 25 years. All though I recieved a low whole body rating I was eligible for more. I would not have known this had I not had an attorney. Every state has different rules and guidelines. If you do not have an attorney it may be the time to at least have a consult with one. They are usually free and you can get some definate answers for your particular state.

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    living Guest


    So the impairment rating can be high and then the disability rating can be very low. Can it be the opposite too. Like my husband has major damage to his chest area mainly on the left side and he is in chronic pain and he has some nerve damage to his legs. So his impairment rating can be low but the overall affect of his injury towards his disability can be high. Voc Rehab wants to meet with him again. She said on paper he doesn't look to be a candidate for job services or retraining but wants to meet in person to make a determination. At one time the pain mgt doc said something about 35-50% rating but she was talking to the nurse case manager and we didn't really understand what they were talking about. I think I am really confuse now.

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    edk Guest


    35-50% is pretty high, they are stingy with those #'s. I think mine was 7% and actually I am able to do most things, just not things where my arms are extended in front of me or above my head. So the job of dental hygiene is out because that is how I hold my arms all day long. I have chronic pain but it fluxuates; depends on what I've done for the day. Writing at a table for a long time sends me I make sure I stagger things like that.

    Your husbands sounds like he would benefit from the council of an attorney. They can advise you for the laws in your state. My state of Kansas had all kinds of caps and my experience may not be the best to compare to. Social security disability may be something your husband should start looking into also.

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    john Guest


    If you don't mind me asking what would you think 10% to the whole person be and I know it would be a juss.

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    ann Guest


    What if you cant lift a darn thing and you have pain in the chest area,neck,shoulder blades,and cold fingers from a upper extremity crush injury?Shouldnt that be rated body as awhole,since it dont just affect the shoulder to arm.

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    edk Guest


    John I have no clue the answer to your question. Every state is so different.............
    I have a cousin in NY that just recieved a 100% impairment due to cervicle disk problems. She is in a state that offers a rating on the injury vs the whole body. You are best advised to ask an attorney. A conference does not mean you have to retain one....just pick their brain for your states info.

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    edk Guest


    didn't mean to ignore you
    Honestly I don't know what you are asking.
    I felt my injury affected me as a whole when it was at its worst. I had months with virtually no sleep from spasms in the upper quad 24/7. My hands were numb, dropping things...constant back spasms and pain....chest spasms had me in the Er for possible MI's; I would never choose to relive that part of my life. Once I stopped work it slowly got better, but I will never be 100%. 3 years later I am in therapy again for the same thing (my dime)...although I have not worked since stopping way back then. My state had a 100K cap for ttd and any other cash money (ppd, settlement etc) Medical was excluded from that amount.

    Your state will have guidelines; a lot will depend on what the doctor of record states as far as your injuy goes. Work comp is not a fair system for the long term injured, those of us on this forum know that...otherwise we would not be here.

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    living Guest


    Like I said I don't know what they were referring to when they said 35-50%. If it was impairment rating or whole body disability. We were at a Missouri doctor and the case worker said the State of Illinois looks at the whole person. So I guess thinking back now maybe they were talking about impairment rating. We were stupid and didn't ask to know what they were talking about. Now looking, we should have asked alot more questions but we were new to the system and thought they were looking out for my husband. What a joke.

    My husband has an attorney. The rating was never put into a report. He also applied for SSDI. We are waiting for his hearing. It will be 2 years in September that we started the SSDI process. Illinois doesn't have a cap, at least I don't think so. Our attorney also didn't want us to start the SSDI process until after the settlement but he has a steady check coming in and we don't know when they are going to stop the TTD checks. Thank God for my job.


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