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    steven Guest


    work comp set up appointment for me and i miss read the date mistakenly.i thoght it was for 28th of may but is was for the 25th.i have not seen the work comp drs yet as that would have been the initial time. i have been on work comp from feb 7th 2005 till now.have seen various drs.all have had me off work til july 1st at least with a back i in trouble because i missed the appointment? i do have a lawyer and have not told him yet since i just realized my mistake last night,but of course i will tell him also. i tried rescheduling with the dr. but he said i must talk to my work comp adjuster and he will have to reschedule it.any thoughts appreciated.

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    jaxlady Guest


    Notify your attorney immediately. Ask him/her to contact the adjuster for a reschedule. Apologize for the mistake. In the future, be extremely diligent in writing appointments on your calendar & checking it daily. To habitually miss appts. set by the adjuster or WC docs does not make you look good.

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    steven Guest


    thanks jaxlady for your answer.i have and i will.

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    sacredwolf Guest



    In Ohio, there are several possibilities for a missed BWC IME exam in a state fund claim:

    1) your IME exam will automatically be rescheduled by the BWC medical scheduler when you contact them and inform them that you missed your appt.;

    2) you will receive a "commitment letter" from the BWC medical scheduler that you must sign expressing that you will attend a rescheduled appt. (I have not seen one of these letters, but I assume it warns that failure to attend a rescheduled IME will result in suspension of TTD.)

    Worst case scenario is suspension of temporary total disability (TTD) benefits for a refusal to submit to a BWC IME exam.

    In Ohio, the BWC may demand an IME exam every 90 days that one receives TTD. What I've shared with you is based on my experience in Ohio.

    Although the IME exam letter from the BWC states that missed appointments with an IME examiner are the injured workers's responsibility to reschedule directly with the IME- in reality, the injured worker must contact the BWC medical scheduler to reschedule, as the IME will not reschedule directly with the injured worker.


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    steven Guest


    I notified my atty.and he has requested a new appointment thru work comp adjuster.thanks for your response.

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    platnm6309 Guest


    In Texas your benefits will be cancelled until the appointment is kept.

    Also in Texas, if they schedule you an appt you can reschedule but within 7 days the appt has to be kept EXCEPT you have a reasonable reason for not going.

    In my case for SIBS, the 1st set appt was not within the 10 required by law notice. I didn't have to go.

    The second one, I was sick.

    The 3rd on, the dr refused to see me.

    The IC denied my 11th & 12th qts sibs (supplemental income benefit) for not going.

    They LOST and had to pay.

    Now, they are contesting the 13th qtr for the SAME EXACT REASON..

    They will loose again, the idiots.

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