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    dennison Guest


    Well today is my Birthday, no pity party wanted, just that everybody listen up and realize there is a new
    " BABY " on the block and its name is HIPAA.
    So please be patient and follow closely, this is an educational lesson.....
    You all will have to do a little homework and research the HIPAA act of 1996, read it and then research the individual Acts pertaining to your specific STATE.
    The rules are pretty simple:
    HIPAA trumps any state rule that is less stringent.
    However, if the state rule is more stringent then HIPAA, then the state rule trumps HIPAA.
    In California one would refer to the
    California Confidentiality of Medical Information Act. California Civil Code, sections 56 - 56.37

    ********** ********** ********** **

    In my specific case,highly confidential Medical Records including but not limited to Psychiatric Records have been sent all over the place, basically to whoever, whomever, wherever.
    You name it, it went there....
    This has been going on for over three years.

    Has my reputation as a healthcare provider been tarnished and damaged?
    You bet.....
    So I have decided to do some research, and guess what came up?

    I am now asking for the help of every person within the United States Senate and Congress to assist me.
    I believe and feel it my moral obligation to post one of my many letters that have gone out requesting for assistance in this most ergregious matter, so that if this has happened to any other INJURED WORKER, Applicant Atty's, IW's, Adjusters, please step forward and help put an end to this abuse.
    I can basically compare this to feeling like a rape victim @ this point.
    I feel victimized, raped, abused, beaten and exposed to a point that makes me actually want to throw up, I am so sick just thinking of the damage done.

    I know I am not the only one this is happening to, but I do not wish this feeling of disgust on anyone.

    I know OREGON is hard at work to help make changes, well if OREGON can do this then so can every other STATE.

    ********** ********** ********** ********** ****
    Sample Letter, to help other possible victims.


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    dennison Guest


    Just to also show that I am absolutly correct in this assuption that I am not the only one being abused.
    Please visit
    Larry Nign has finally released some great new clips from his brand new DVD.
    A must see for all.

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    bettin Guest


    Happy Birthday !!

    IW's who are/may have been affected by any of this - Would do well in thanking Y O U for all that you have done on their behalf.

    ( Other than to say: that IF 'heresay' could be properly, and fairly explained...I would quite easily be able to thank you in a more, positive and responsive manner).

    What's more important however; is that you know that your effort's have not gone un-noticed - YOUR goal's for either yourself, nor otherinjured workers'.... HAS NOT BEEN... in vein.

    "I'm bettin' on the lady!!"

    God Bless You.

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    sacredwolf Guest


    Happy Birthday Dennison,

    That would make us both Gemini's- my birthday is the 7th.

    It is my understanding as well, that wc medical records in Ohio are currently viewed as exempt from HIPPA privacy protection.

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    aj Guest


    In Florida wc medical records are exempt from the HIPPA act. In addition non wc medical records can still be obtained via a subpeona and/or court order. The catch is that the party requesting cannot release them to any other party.

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    anonymous Guest


    HIPPA does not apply to worker's comp anywhere in the U.S.

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    anonymous Guest


    So aj how does the IC release what they found to their doctors?

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    mjc Guest


    Happy Birthday Dennison and many many more. Birthday hugssssss and take care!

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    driller Guest


    HAPPY B day D !! How old are ya? 29

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    little Guest


    HIPPA = Help Insurance People Pray Aloud

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