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    I was injured at work the other night and the doctor told me to be off three days. How long do you have to be off work before you get paid for lost wages? I thought it was seven days but some guys I work with are telling me it does'nt matter how many days you are off. The employer still has to pay for lost wages. Can someone tell we what is correct about that please. Thank you. By the way I live in Virginia and work for a company in Virginia. I was working in West Virginia when the accident happened.

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    Wage Replacement (Temporary total or partial)
    While temporarily unable to perform any work, an employee is entitled to 2/3 of his or her gross average weekly wage up to a set maximum weekly limit. There must be seven (7) days of disability before benefits are payable. However, if disabled for more than three weeks, the employee receives payment for the first seven days. Benefits cannot exceed 500 weeks unless the person is totally and permanently disabled.

    If the injured employee cannot return to regular work and is given a light duty job at a lower wage, benefits are 2/3 of the difference between the pre-injury wage and the current pay up to the maximum weekly limit. Cost of living supplements are not paid on temporary partial benefits.

    Te read more about basic guidelines in Virginia

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