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    tlc Guest

    Default Getting Sent Back To Work Too Soon

    I just need to ask someone anyone a small wee question, What if the wc dr sends you back to work, and you haven't even gotten through pt yet and he also says okay your fine, so i go to my own doctor and he says your not ready to go back. ok and it seems wc is done or just about done, but they forgot the other dr they had said there is a neck injury, which they completely ignored and said we are not paying for that, so here I am at my doctors office he said have they given you a nerve damage test? I said no, he said we are going to do that...ok heres the thing, if my workers comp dr's says its ok to go to work, and my doctor said no its not, is there gonna be trouble inparadise, My laywer says wait to see what wc offer, i have no clue what they do or what happenes but i am cya all the way! these yahoo's are sending back to work when I can't even lift my arm to fix my hair dress myself or drive with all the drugs I am on, help me whats right and wrong, or what happens next! in the world of wc
    TLC in Indiana

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    pt Guest


    Try your best - return to work.
    Either you cut it - or you don't.

    If you can....great!

    If you can't ?

    Notify your immediate supervisor; make an appointment to meet with the Dr. who released you TO work (ASAP) and then advise your attorney's office of what has/has not... occurred.

    Regardless of the situation: It's often much easier to support someone who hasn't put forth a concentrated, and demonstrated effort when offered the opportunity.

    T R Y.

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    pt Guest


    Much easier to support the one who in fact....HAS made the effort.


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    pooh Guest


    Well seems like there are 2 issues going on here. The shoulder injury which you had surgery on and were released back to work. Then the neck injury that WC has denied.
    Since the WC doctor has released you back to work - you can file for flma to be off work for the neck injury until that doctor releases you back to work. Remember you will have 12 weeks of FLMA if you haven't used any FLMA time off during the past 12 months. So if you don't return to work - you will be required to pay for the health insurance over and above what you have to pay. Also unless you have short term disability through the company - you will not have any income.

    If after the 12 weeks you are still not back at work - the company you work for has every right to terminate your employment.

    I guess the question to ask is what happens if you return to work against your own doctors orders and you injure your neck further? Will wc cover it then? The answer is most likely they will continue to fight it - especially since your own doctor has you off work at this time. Every state is different and it's best to read up on your state guidelines.

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    pooh Guest


    you should also report your doctor to the medical board for your state - normally with shoulder surgery - they start passive rom PT immediately so the shoulder doesn't freeze up.

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    two Guest


    Sorry to disagree here, "But" Everyone know's the W/C doctors would say your fine to go back to work, even if you had to be transported there in an ambulance.
    It depends upon whether or not TLC's Doctor is the treating doctor. If so, then get a statement, turn it in to the attorney and let him earn his money.

    I too support those who try, but not at the risk of further harm to themselves.
    Thing to do is, get your advice from your attorney. (If he is a good one) We can advise, but we dont have to live with the results, you do!

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    pt Guest


    I'd still try to return to work.

    Looking back on it now, and seeing all that has medically and legally transpired since.....if I had not made the attempt - it would have made the carrier's 'weak' position...stronger.

    The attorney and Dr. will need to work together in order that the situation involving the neck gets appropriately, addressed.

    Pooh, considering that the claim for the neck situation has already been denied by the IC; and unless an attorney either has a Hearing and/or another medical evaluation pending; not a whole lot can really happen in 12 weeks.

    If TLC tries to RTW and the shoulder continues to give them problems...I would then follow the steps that were suggested in my previous post. This could possibly open the door to getting the other medical concern checked out much sooner.

    This is just one suggestion and opinion. Perhaps other's can also offer theirs.

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    tlc Guest


    Thanks ya'll I Guess back to work I go, but here's the thing I have 2 wc doctors, one released me the other, I haven't seen him yet, he is the one for my neck injury, which wc hired to do research and denied him of his findings, now he hasn't released me but if wc in charge I am thinking he will not even taking time to do anything about it, but last time he talked to me he said he will get them to sign approval because its needed, I feel wc in violation, of there own work at hand, and can I go to work with my doctors orders, which has me on vicodine and flexrill, which cuases me to sleep, drowsiness, etc. and and oh yes daypro from the wc doctor, that also causes symptoms, anyway is that legal in a no drug free enviroment?
    it seems so fishy to me, I really smell something! Its not that I don't want to work, Its because I am unable to do anything normal, and oh how can I drive on drugs with one arm lol
    you guys are great thanks again for all your advice, I feel better having you there to vent from all I have bottled up for a year! thanks!!!!!

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    pooh Guest



    I guess the question is - are you going back with restrictions - or did the doc send you back to your regular job?

    When I went to my neuro - I was pulled from work - even though WC doctors said I could work my regular job. My doctor kept me off work until he got the results of the MRI of the neck back. This way he was taking precautions with my health since I did a labor intense job. (The companies idea of honoring work restrictions was getting the doctor to change them around).

    Now since WC has already denied the neck injury - and I take it you have the letter of denial - then you can see a doctor of your choosing or your attorney's choosing if you want an IME. In my case my neuro was not an IME - but treatment that I would need - and IME gives his opinion and then your attorney will take that to the IC and if they still deny - then he can file for a hearing.

    Normally Drug-free workplaces will not allow you to take medications (narcotics) at work - this has to be cleared with the medical department first. And get it in writing!!!!!

    The reason behind that is because if they do a drug test on you - you can test positive even if they know you are taking them. Also think about what if you get hurt again while trying to perform the job and then they deny it because of the prescriptions you are taking. In otherwords - cya (cover your @ss). The same goes if the pain is to great - you go to the medical department.

    In my opinion - you need to do what is best for you and what will allow you to heal properly. No one can tell you to go back to work or stay home - that is something only you can decide what is right for you.

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    tlc Guest


    Thank-you Pooh!
    Okay they are sending me back to work on restrictions I heard that my job has been fulfilled by another person because its been a year, I work for a home improvement store which before hired you have to be willing to lift 50 pds before they will consider you, now they haven't said what they are gonna do just yet!
    as far as a job goes. but will pass it through hrm first to see what I can do. in the mean time for my neck problem the wc doctor said they denied it, and I got a bill from the mri which was sent to my lawyer, which wc chose this doctor he is a neck and spine specialist, but he said I have a problem wc denied it, strange huh? I smell a rat...dirty pool anywho...In the mean time I got my own dr because I wanted to see what the problem was and why they are not fixing all the problem,is it a mind game? as far a drugs go I guess thats a catch 22 because the well thier doctor said I ahve to take daypro, and my doctor says take the pain, and no work wow this so stupid anyway it looks like I am getting screwed, I can't win for losing,
    I don't know what the next step is Ime, maybe?
    well pooh after you talk to me you will have to see a therepist j/k lol thanks pooh!

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