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    anon Guest

    Default Settling My Workers Comp Case

    I just wanted to say I settled. ($656,000.00) No there are not too many numbers. Also to say PLEASE DO NOT settle for less than you know it is worth. The more your medical is the more your case is worth. (especially if the medical is ongoing into the future). Just hang in there and push that damn atty. HARD.!! Most cases He cannot get paid if you don't settle. And don't settle unless you are covered for the future in cash or coverage. PERIOD!!!

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    alan Guest



    Congradulations! You sound happy with your settlement and you are the one that counts the most, meanwhile, I could use a new Ford Explorer! hehehe


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    just Guest


    Anon - Congratulations and hope everything works out for you folks in the future. Was that amount before or after the attorney fees? By the way, when you get the Ford Explorer for Alan you can pick up a 2005 Mustang for me. Ha...Ha... My Crown Vic has over 250,000 on it. Good Luck and Best Wishes!

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    mel Guest


    anon, just curious what your injuries were and how long you had been in the comp system. Also what did you att get and how did the medicaid set asside effect you? Congradulations!

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    pt Guest


    The burden that's been lifted from your shoulder's must be overwhelming - What a truly, awesome feeling that must be!

    May you look forward to a hopeful recovery - and congratulations to you!

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    tlc Guest


    okay now it's time to parrrrrty! good luck, I know your thrilled to not to ever have to deal with these ppl. again! great advice anon! well all I can say is best wishes to you!

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    maria Guest


    Congrats! Curious, mostly about how long it took to get your Medi-Care approval.

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    tbrown2176 Guest


    What was you injury... I have been on WK since 2002, I want to settle

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    wantto Guest


    My case worker stated that he had no interest in settlement of my case, he was just going to ride it out. I need to settle, the stress of dealing with WK insurance company has caused me to have to take medication.

    Background: receiving benefits for 3 years.
    80% lost of
    pain management = pescribed medicaton

    What would you do now... (Want to settle)

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    molly Guest


    Congratz Anon,

    If by chance your in Calif, can you email me your attys name, mine died and I cant seem to find another I can trust.

    I'm more worried about getting the future medical I was awarded and greatly need as opposed to the $$.

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