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    Default Archived Workers' Comp Decisions

    Vermont Workers' Comp Division has suggested several cases that apply to mine. The only problem is they are dated 1993 and earlier. I have researched all the cases on the Vermont State website, but they only go back to 1995. I have been trying to locate where I can find these cases on the web to no avail. I requested a copy of the Andrew v. Johnson Controls case from Vermont W/C, but they contacted my attorney and told him to answer my questions. It seems my attorney can't seem to understand english, he sent me a copy of another case which I had already checked out on the states website.
    Below is the list of cases.

    Andrew v. Johnson Controls, Opinion No. 3-93WC (1993). (Vermont Case)

    Pearl v. Builders Iron Foundry, 73 R.I. 304, 55 A.2d 282 (1947) (Rhode Island Case)

    Powers v. District of Columbia Dept. of Employment Serv., 566 A.2d 1068 (1989) (District of Columbia)

    Coon v. Rycenge Homes, 146 Mich. App. 262, 379W. 2d 480 (1985) (Michigan)

    I have checked each State site and they do not list cases this far back. If anyone knows how I can get copies of these cases I would appreciate your help.

    Thanks in advance.

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    Go to this will help you get what you need
    Good Luck

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