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    stan Guest

    Default Is There A Worker's Comp Claims Database Employers Can Use

    Does anybody know if there is a database that potential employers can get information about you and if you have ever filed a claim. I have been trying for 2 years to get a job and have nothing to show for it. I have been straight up and not lied about my workers comp claim to employers ,but i feel that my past injury (back fusion) is the reason i can't find work. I have been tempted to lie, but i don't want it to come back and haunt me. I appreciate any comments.

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    anon Guest


    Why does this come up in interviewing? It should not. The only question should be if you have any conditions that would interfere with your performance of the specific job duties.

    No, there is not a data base that potential employers can access. However, you may need to explain that huge period of time you were off work.

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    pt Guest


    Continue to be staightfoward with a prospective Employer.

    This can be easier said than done; and many will understand that - What many IW's will also relate to is how difficult it is to actually land a decent, pre-injury wage and benefits comparable job.

    The reality and gravity of today's economic and employment picture leaves much to be desired.

    Outside of suggesting that you might even consider starting -up your own business; I'd look into registering with the EDD, or a Temp Employment Agency. There's options out there.

    How many positions have you applied for that are more suitable to your restrictions ? Two years post-WC, is a long time to still be looking for work.

    Additionally; I'd imagine that there is some form of an employer database containing the information you've asked about.

    Matter of fact; I'd just about guarantee it.

    Good luck to you.

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    anon Guest


    What will kill ya is even if you get a job...the insurance will send you to a physical. One of the questions on the form is "have you ever filed or settled a comp case?" They do a backgound check on you also, it's a hard one to beat

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    sh Guest


    There is a data base but it's limited to filed legal actions and therefore includes work comp litigation. There is a fee involved to use it so unless they refer all new employment canditates to an investigator who has access to it or are a large enough employer to make it cost effective, it's doubtfull it was used by all your potential employers.

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    pt Guest


    A major larger corporation; and/or one who requires that potential employee's meet particular, personal 'profile' backround criteria, and/or also be able to pass a higher level of Security Clearance(s), would most definitely utilize this data base.

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    anon Guest


    When I finally got a job..they made me take a physical....that's where my past medical came into play. It's says on the form filing false info is grounds for dismissal. You have to list all past injuries. It also asks if you had any past settlements or wc claims

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    stan Guest


    Thanks everyone for your advice. The weirdest thing happenned today. I was offered a job making more than i did with my previous one. They will do a background check, finger printing, and a physical, but i don't see no problems with me passing. I can finally feel like a productive member of society again.

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    anon Guest


    good luck to you stan and congrats!
    some people of this forum have moved past wc by being absorbed into a new employers ins. its IF anything is asked that becomes the problem. I even know someone that got AFLAC after wc...husbands ins didn't ask about spouces previouse medical.
    hope it works for you

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