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    Default What Does An Impairment Rating Mean

    I went today to a new orth doc. Filled out paper work to get him as my treating physician. Had to get a release from my current doc first so my request to get a new doc. won't be denied by WC.

    I called his office today and found out from the nurse there that he already gave me an impairment rating of 25%! I mean I don't understand what this means. I asked my atty. and he said that they'll start my IIBs. I asked him if my case is over, he said my file is never really closed. I still have medical cover for my injury, but I can only imagine the horrible times coming from the IC trying to get more meds. or even more tests done to be approved by them.

    I don't know if that's good or bad for me. I need money to come into my house. I don't know if I should refuse this rating or just take it.

    I keep telling my friends to be careful at work and try not to get hurt. Because WC sucks and the emotional pain is just the same as the physical, if not more. They take away your life. And if they can, they'll even take the air you breathe.

    I thought about voc. rehab. But I don't know if I qualify.

    Does anyone here have any thoughts on this?

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    Unless you know that the doctor did not do an accurrate rating you don't really have a basis to dispute it. You should discuss it with them before deciding.
    To find out more about rehabilitation in Texas see the guide

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