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    iw Guest


    Scuffle breaks out..Owner of the ranch that the II's are found, then attempts to remove them from his family-owned ranch. ( They've settled 'in' on it.)

    Illegal's sue for mistreatment - Judge awards the American citizen's entire ranch property to the illegal alien's.

    Shape of things to come?

    Some IW's can be replaced, real cheap.

    I tell me.

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    wake-up Guest


    Due to the current Bush/Cheney families big bucks oil greed war, Republican's are going to be desperate and will be counting on those eventually and conveniently 'legal' immigrants votes in 2008?

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    lisa Guest


    can you please give me a link to this info?


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    iw Guest


    This was on the news the other night. A B C. American Broadcasting Company. Don't land owner's have any rights anymore?

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    lisa Guest


    I have tried to search it out, no luck. If you run across any links with this, will you post, please?


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    lisa Guest


    Hit pay dirt, here is what I think you were talking about, correct me if i am wrong!
    2 Illegal Immigrants Win Arizona Ranch in Court

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    dennison Guest


    No comment to that one...........
    Such a tangled web one has woven in this country.

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    fedup Guest


    that is down out a crime maybe we should go over to mexico and start taking there resorts .they should of just put a couple of rounds in them and buried them that would of been justice the american way

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    sacredwolf Guest


    An Arizona jury caused the ranch owners to lose their ranch to satisfy the judgment in this case. (Judgment= what the Arizona jury awarded the immigrants in money damages).

    Defendants Nethercott and Foote hurt themselves by failing to file an Answer to the Complaint that the immigrants brought against them and so the judge assessed damages against them in the form of a

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    dennison Guest


    OK I must agree with Wolf, failing to file an answer hurt the Ranch owners.
    Now I do not completly agree with the decision...
    But having lived in AZ for a number of years I have seen both sides of the fence when it comes to the border and large Ranch owners.

    The problems with Illegal Immigrants is pretty bad and something needs to be worked out.
    Some are truly inocent and do get beaten and badly treated by Ranch owners, but I also know Ranch owners who treat the immigrants well, give food and water. I have seen both sides. The issue really needs to be properly handled and cleaned up.
    When you have two countries boardering each other one free and one in poverty you will always have the problems.
    I have known people who were shot in the 70's trying to escape from East Germany to the West, and who although with bullet wounds in their legs still managed to make it across. No one ever talks about those days.

    When the Berlin Wall finally came down, the masses leaving the East that day on Trains, Roads, etc etc was a sight one will never forget this was in the 80's and the people looked like they had just arrived from a post WW11 concentration camp.

    But of course the Media will only feed the general population what it wants it to see and know.
    One should have been standing at the Train station in Germany that day 24 hours post fall of the Berlin Wall, to see the tears running down peoples faces as they finally hugged family members they had not seen in 40 years and children eating a candy bar that they barely knew even existed.
    A barbed wire fence and a concrete wall had kept humans apart for years like a cage in a zoo.

    Do I blame people from Mexico trying to come to America? No absolutly not.
    Should they come here legally? YES

    Should people pistol whipping them for trying to come here be punished? Yes, anyone abusing another Human Being needs to be punished.

    Should the IC be punished for Abusing the IW's
    but until the IC pistol whip's the IW, I guess we can't get their companies can we......

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