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    Default Will the doctor will release me to work too early?

    I think my treating physician, the surgeon who did my knee, intends to release me for regular work on my next doctor visit. I don't feel my knee is right, it improved some right after the surgery but is now staying the same, weak and painful.

    I am in Oregon. Would it be OK or a mistake to email SAIF, the worker's comp insurance company, and ask them what to do if the knee still hurts, how to handle it? I work in heavy construction so naturally it's important that I am physically in good shape. I don't want to end up in surgery again because of the injury getting worse.

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    yes you can do that but you can also ask for a second opinion and mention the name of a specific doctor if you have one in mind; it should be an orthopedic specialist. An adjuster can't overule a doctor's trained medical opinion but they can ask for a consult. If a second opinion doesn't support you, expect the disability to be stopped.

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