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    james Guest

    Default Employer Wants An Updated Release

    Ok I bid on a union job as a wto at ga power an got it 26yrs seinority was supposed to report to work Monday at 7:30 am fri at 4pm I get a call they want a new release an want to fax doctor which is wc doctor job requirements then see me again Im in desperate need of income should I bite the bullet an lie or tell the truth when asked about condition I was told that with this happening i put the ball back in their court If they say i cant do the job then they will have to raise my disability rateing atm they gave me a minscul 8% rateing then said only way to fix it was a 3 disk fuision numbers dont add up to me any suggestions or anyone with same experiance

    Any help will be greatly appreciated
    James Spraggins

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    anon Guest


    Never Never Lie!!!!

    You could end up on jail. Of course then you would have no worries. There would be a roof over your head.

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    the Guest


    Jim, that's the problem with this worker's Comp thing. You have got to pay the bills. Some employee at my job get injured and refuse to report it because the of morgage payments, car payment, credit cards, and little Jimmy has to be feed. I say unto you, do what you have got to do.


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    pt Guest


    Let the Employer's group health insurance cover it, right ?

    Great thinking!! - Watch what happens when THAT treatment becomes even....more inferior due to having to cover IW' from ALL sector's with the same mentality.

    But, sure must make the worker's comp insurance folks mighty happy, and a whole lot more profitable too. They gotta be lovin' it!!

    But.....SHHHHH. I won't tell if you don't.

    Get real.... if you're hoping for future WC Reform that doesn't harm IW's and their families even more.


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    pt Guest


    Another, 'small' technicality that you may want to consider....


    No matter who's calling the game.

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    pt Guest



    It wouldn't hurt to get a second opinion about the spinal fusion.

    Although things are tough right now; they could become much worse if you were to re-injure an already, compromised spine. The line of work that you're in leaves you fairly vulnerable - Seems that the Employer understands this, and is taking this precaution in order to minimize any potential liability that could arise.

    Considering that you've got that 26 years under your belt - you would proably know more than anyone else, what the risks could be.

    Additionally; unless the info that has been requested is provided to them, I really doubt that you'll have to worry about anything you might have told them.

    Whatever the result....document, document.....document.

    Good luck to you.

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