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    tonythetigre Guest

    Default Is Pain Control A Right Or Privilege Under Workers Comp

    Hi there. I have a permanent arm injury. The only thing that relieves the pain is something called high voltage galvanic electric muscle stimulation. Narcotics really don't work, they make me stupid and ignore the pain, but do not actually relieve the pain. This electric treatment gives me about two days of relief, so if I see the doctor every other day, I have little or no pain. This stuff is amazing. My wife's job relocated across the state, about six hours, and this kind of treatment is not available here in New Mexico where we live now. Is there anything I can do?

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    pt Guest


    It appears that you may be referring to a type of 'device' that stimulates muscle tissue as opposed to nerves ?

    If so, this may be a good place to start: (Speak w/your Dr. too!)

    Or, you can give them a call at:

    (201) 703-9799

    Good luck.

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    pt Guest


    BTW, Tony:

    You think your old Doc might be missing you; along those every other day appointments ?

    Unless you are required to be monitored; maybe the new Doc will both approve and RX one of these unit's for you - Much like the TENS Unit; they too could be made available for personal, at-home use.

    Let us know, wont you ?

    (Pain control meds/methods when backed-up by eivdenced based medicine.....usually aren't a problem in WC).

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    tonythetigre Guest


    This device is actually very large, and combined with ultrasound. It has a sponge that gets wet and gets grounded on your body so you don't incinerate. Its a very large unit, not small like a tens or those other stimulators. It is a Rich-Mar HVII. My doctor misses me very much, and I him, since he is a very good doctor!

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    pt Guest



    You could call your Dr. and inquire as to the possibility of prescribing a Galvanic, light weight portable ultrasound device. (This device caled the "Ultrasonic Massager", penetrates deep heat within the MUSCLE TISSUES). Could definitely be made available to you... the now, 'inconvenienced patient' by your Dr's prescription. Couldn't hurt to at least have on hand for the hopefully, short interm ?

    Refer s/he to:

    Medcare Service @ 800-800-0295.

    Additionally; here's another website that offers further, Galvanic resources and products:

    *Their telephone number is: 888-267-5422

    There's no need for you to go without some form of relief that has proven to be beneficial for you - Regardless of how simple, convenient and less complicated it could be.

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    don Guest


    I have been injured since MAY 18 2005,no treatment other than seeing doctors that can,t or say they don,t see anything wrong. Ihad 3 vertabreas in neck and 3 vertabreas inlower back broke. Have been given oxicotin it did not help oxycodone did not help,neurosurgiunsay,s he can,t do anthing else ortopedic surgion says he can,t do anything else, while i sit and suffer i can,t hardly walk can,t sit to long basically can,t do anything at all!Ihave not recieved any comp in over 2 months now wife recently diagnosed with melanoma also out of alot.Fl workmens comp, laws are not right they do not hep the injured at all,it seems they are against the worker and instead help the employer more and them self,s!very hurting and upset in the supposed sunshine state!NO MEDS

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    massrn Guest


    Under WC the only right you have is to have your life made miserable... but seriously, try Google and type in American Pain Society and see what comes up. I had medical by a judge but the IC wouldn't even pay for my percocet; had to go into my own pocket. They don't give a flying fig what happens to any of us; well, actually, I think they would be happy if we all died.

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    aj Guest


    It sounds like you may have compression fractures in the affected areas. If this is the case there is not much treatment than can be done. Have you had your one time change in physicians? In Florida you are entitled to a one time change in doctors. If you have not had this I would suggest you request one. Talk to your doctor about referral to pain management as well. What is your current work status? If the doctor has you TTD then payments should be made. Again talk to him about this. Have you called the adjuster and spoken to them about this? If still no resolution then contact the Employee Assistance Office and request they intervene. They will contact the adjuster and discuss the case and make recommendations.

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    lkj Guest


    Try an attorney. They can help you to get the care that you deserve and if your doctor has you off work, they can also get those TTD checks to start coming to you too. There is no reason for anyone to have to be in so much pain, not when there are far too many products on the market to help control it. There is nothing that will ever take pain away 100%, but there are ways to control it. I have an intrathecal pain pump that was put in by my pain management doc. OF course wc has to approve this device, and you can't just get it right off. You have to go through all other methods of pain control first. I know that pain is not easy for anyone to understand, especially wc, it is like, if you can't see it, it is not really there. Here is the address for medtronics where you can research both of the implantable devices. +and%2For+Leg+Pain

    Best of luck in getting some relief for your pain. WC makes nothing easy for any of us and you cannot let them break you or your spirit now matter what.

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    Default Re: Is Pain Control A Right Or Privilege Under Workers Comp

    Tony, I was issued a RS 4 stimulator by my work comp doctor-had no problem getting it authorized. You can find them once in awhile on ebay, but u might want to ask your doctor since you need instruction on its use. GOOD LUCK

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