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    dennison Guest


    Sorry PT,
    I guess I hit the Gov's jackpot
    IW, Cheat, Special Interest, Tall,etc etc......LOL

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    pt Guest


    It's best not to get me started on him - According to the weather folks; it's supposed to be one, heck a beautiful Autumn day - I fully intend to savor it!

    Thay had planted some trout in one of the lake's by the house - Sure wish I could go out and net me a few. Doc says that it's totally out of the question for awhile.

    Lucky fish.

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    fed Guest



    I have AIG for my workers comp. I got hurt some time ago. AIG has made my life miserable to say the least.

    I'm surprised that the site which was posted was about CA. There was no information that I could find about the east coast. I'm in NC and I can't believe how AIG - workers comp can get away with their way of operating.

    The amount of case workers they go through is the first clue of an unstable company. I kid you not, I've gone through more then 14 case managers since 98. Recently 3 in less then a month.

    I don't understand how workers comp is more protected then the injured person. Workers comp (AIG in my case) is causing more injury to me then my accident. Feels like it anyway.

    This company has made me feel like a prisoner. I feel as if I'd been in jail and am on probation!!! I'm treated like a criminal!!! If I don't do what they want I get in trouble, I can't complain because nothing gets done. My lawyers have trouble contacting anyone in that company. Mail and faxes seem to get lost all the time with AIG. It doesn't matter what my needs are it's what the company wants. I've never seen anything like this in my life. Other companies would be shut down but not AIG.

    They are trying to wear me down and make me drop everything. Won't happen. I'm not a criminal. I am a person that got injuried....... that's it. If AIG wants to make money then they should be a bank rather then an insurance company that messes up peoples lives.

    AIG has hired other companies to force me to do Voc Rehab. I had a case worker for 2 yrs and he made false allegations saying I was self employed amoung other things. The company this case manager worked for was fired because he didn't find me a job. Six months later another company was hired. I'm on my 3rd case manager already and it's been less then 5 months. These people are not local either. One of the case managers wasn't interested in my condition, so she tells me. It's her job to get me a job no matter what. AIG fails to reimburse my mileage and when they do they give me what they feel I should get rather then what I have submitted. AIG also stops my checks, saying "I was dropped from the computer from the computer for some reason." Many other things go on, this is just a little bit I have gone through. AIG also hires a company to approve medications. This company won't approve my meds in the appropriate time making me look bad to my doctor.

    Speaking of the doctor. I recently was released from my doctor. Claims I was rude to the staff and used fowl language. This is a lie!! Even the workers comp case manager said this never happened. Can you imagine??? Backed up by a case manager? She is new and it was my first meeting with her. Anyway, when I explained to the doctor that I couldn't do a "job" that was suggested because my hands go numb, his reply?? I know your hands go numb and you know you hands go numb..... but..... when someone is paying your medical bills you have to give something back! Yes, he actually said that. He refuses to do a CT claiming he doesn't want me to get a spinal headache. I honestly feel he has been talking with "workers comp" and has been influenced by them to stop certain tests. All they want to do is feed me drugs rather then find and fix the problem. I have many physical problems, I do believe the doctor is tired of me and wants to move on. I've never had a problem with this doctor until his behavior changed a few months ago. I've even spoke highly of this doctor and his staff.... up until now. I don't know what happened. I'm living a nightmare! I know I'm not the only one either.

    AIG will do anything to keep me from my health care let a lone my realistic settlement. How Workers comp got away with not allowing mistreated injured workers to sue is beyond me.

    I hope everyone working for workers comp gets injured enough on the job that they have to file a claim. I want them to go through the same suffering if not worse.

    It's really ashame that people in need are used to make another wealthy. How do these people sleep at night? Where is compassion? Where is the understanding? Has society become that greedy?

    Totally discussed for a long time. Sorry this is so long.

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    fedup Guest



    Is there another site about AIG I could send to my lawyers? I sent the one you had posted but not much was shown about workers comp cases. I'll have to poke through it more. If you have others I'd sure like to see them. Thanks.

    BTW, I don't know what all the abreviations mean in most of these posts.

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    dennison Guest


    FedUp, check daily

    New info all the time.

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    dennison Guest

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    fedup Guest


    Thank you Dennison. I'm going to look and see if there are any "goings on" in NC.

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    pt Guest


    California IW's:

    Please review Prop's 73,74,75 and 76, and cast your votes accordingly.

    So, he's not the best listener - Perhaps by the end of the day he'll be a better...'reader' ?

    ~ T W T ~

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    pt Guest


    All four of Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger's ballot initiatives were defeated ('vetoed') by California voters'.

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    dennison Guest


    Finally on his way out the Door,
    better days are soon to come.....


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