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    Would someone please tell me what the initals P.S.C., after a lawyers name mean? Is it some special type of lawyer?

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    pt Guest


    Not too sure about this, but will give it a shot - A lawyer whose law practice involves "Securities and Corporations ?"


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    sacredwolf Guest



    P.S.C. stands for "Professional Services Corporation." It means the same thing as Inc., Ltd., L.L.C., or Corp, among others.

    All businesses that are set up as and doing business as a corporation are required to divulge the fact that they are set up as a corporation to the public.

    Which raises the question- Why would a business seek to do business as a corporation? One of the reasons is potential liability for negligence.

    In the corporate "form" of doing business, only corporate assets may be reached for the purpose of satisfying a judgment, for example, a judgment for professional negligence (malpractice).

    In other words, only assets actually owned by the corporation could be seized to satisfy a judgment. Personal assets are exempt and cannot be touched.

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    aj Guest


    I was going to guess Pretty Slimy Character.

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