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    Default Missouri Workers Comp TTD Benefits

    I have a question regarding the missouri wc laws. I had a back injury in 01/03 and due to that I have had to have surgery to put more hardware in my back, as well as numerous tests, blocks, and finally two surgeries to have an intrathecal pain pump implanted. I have tried my best to continue working as much as possible but have now reached the point that I am not able to keep going. Since I had worked off and on over the last 22 months I was given pay increases by my employer. When I had to be off this time for the surgery to implant the pump, and am still off now, my rate of wc TTD was not increased for my current rate of pay. My attorney is sure that wc has to increase my TTD payments to go along with any pay increases that I have received over the last 22 months. Does anyone know if this is right and should I contact my attorney to have him get this amount increased? It is hard to go back to the smaller wage of 03 when I have had pay increases and am used to that amount of pay now. I was almost at the maximum amount that they will pay anyway, but since there was still some room there I would like to have what is owed to me if they are to be paying more. I have been off of work for four months this time and do not see much hope of going back any time soon, if ever. If anyone has information on this topic I would greatly appreciate it. I have looked around and have been unable to find what I am looking for on the subject.
    Thanks for any and all help.

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    I know that Missouri's W/C is terrable
    I have been off work for 5 years I have had 12 back surgeries and several shots in my back at last count there was 37 injections in the last 5 years
    I have received nothing from W/C I was disabled from social security and still the judge says there is nothing wrong with my back
    I am going into the hospital again in January for yet more surgery
    Believe me when I read that W/C in Missouri is SAD
    new laws need made and inforced to help the injured party
    I have ot got much advice to give but have faith in God and he will get you through believe me there has been times that I have had to think and
    prey for guidance and help.

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