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    Default Are Workers Comp Benefits Capped?

    I'm in Oregon. I had a knee injury in January, had arthroscopic surgery, and then physical therapy. I have been working on light duty almost the whole time.

    The physical therapy kept the knee from rusting up, but I still had pain and was weak. So my doctor sent me to a 4 week program for "work hardening" to strengthen my leg and help with pain management. I have to say I have learned a lot and strengthened the knee, and I feel ready to go back to regular work. The 4 weeks is up, and tomorrow (Monday) I go back to my doctor and I expect he will say I am medically stationary. The place where I have been going for work hardening has told me they would like me to continue attending further sessions beyond what the doctor specified, but I don't feel the need.

    I believe that when I have official paperwork that says I can go back to work, I will be laid off at my construction job, as most of the people have been already. Then I would be looking at unemployment benefits.

    I have been told by someone who has a similar injury, that there is $8000 set aside for each injured worker if they don't blow it, that they will be paid. It seems that more sessions at the place where I did the work hardening would be deducted from that. I have also been told that once I am medically stationary, I go to a lawyer that is free to me, to advise me what to do next.

    Does this guy know what he's talking about?

    Who would pay that money?

    If he doesn't know what he's talking about, does it sound sort of like something that does make sense?

    Where would I find that lawyer?

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    sh Guest


    No he doesn't know what he's talking about. All injuries are different; $8000 would be criminal for either a parapalegic or someone with a splinter. And you don't have to have an attorney to get benefits. To find more then your friend about Oregon's work comp system go here

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    Get a lawyer in your area and ask them that question

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    You need to get a WC attorney, not just any attorney! Make sure that they are good! And start doing your reading about WC, this is how you find out the truth, not from friends who haven't been through it. Good Luck

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    Thank you Mel for correcting me on that one above. I meant to say get a WC lawyer and make sure they are really on your side. Make sure they don't try to talk behind your back and make decisions without consulting with you first. Mel is right: Get educated and keep all of your paperwork in order. Get a copy of dictated notes everytime you go to the doctor. That my 2 cents.

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