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    ejreiss Guest

    Default How long does it take to settle after MMI

    I've reached max med improvement as of july. I was just wondering how long it takes to settle the case. I know every case is different but was wondering how I can speed this up. If anybody has any input as to how long it took them to settle or how I can speed it up that would be great. Can't wait till the whole thing is over with. I am permanently disabled and can't do any kind of work at all. Was also wondering if anyone had any kind of income after mmi and before the settlement. I've only got social security disability coming in rite now and that is hard to support your family on.

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    sh Guest


    Depends on the issues. If it's just impairment, it depends on whether both agree with the rating.
    You always can speed things up by agreeing with whatever they want.
    Permanent Total Disability can be difficult to settle as it usually is a very high cost case and rating may not clear cut. Each jusrisdiction has it's own rules about settlements.

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    ejreiss Guest


    I know it depends on the issues but I was wondering how long it took other people to settle for perm total disability.

    sh-I had two injuries one in 2001 and one in 2003
    and if speeding things up meens agreeing to whatever they want well they offered me approx $10,000 to settle my case. I think I'll take the long road cause they can go to he!! with that offer. I had two back injuries at two levels of my back with three major surgeries including fusion and several minor procedures. now i have scar tissue and nerve damage with constant pain in back and legs worse at times. It is in my opinion that loss of a job that paid $80,000 a year with full medical coverage is worth a little more than $10k not to mention not being able to sit or stand for long periods, frequent cramps in but and legs, endless nights of sleeplessness because of severe pain, loss of every hobby I use to be able to do, my families losses including unable to play with and enjoy my two kids. etc. etc. etc. Do I need to go on?
    Basically my whole life is worth more than the measilly amount they offered me.

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    gonecrazyinky Guest


    I was in the same situation...I chose to go in front of a law judge...taking a chance at losing everything and was awared 110,000...but now they want to buy my medical for 15,000...My medication is 600.00 a month and I make at least 2 trips to Doctors...Don't let them cause you to have to make decisions that will effect your are right on ejreiss...your life has been taken away and you will need that money to sustain any type of financial fight...and don't stop...

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    pt Guest



    Am sorry to read of your medical situation. Must be rough.

    Unless you have actually been medically, and 'WC awarded' an impairment rating of 100 % totally disabled; a buy-out figure of aprox. $10, 000 in-of-itself, would not be indicative of being 'PTD.' Not even by WC standards.

    Unless I am truly missing something; perhaps you've left something out ?

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    ejreiss Guest


    Pt- I had back problems in 1999 which wasn't a workman's comp case because I went through my regular insurance and had surgery. Although it should have been considered a problem due to my type of work It went past the 2-year mark and couldn't claim it. I had two work injuries since both of which I had surgery for and the ic is making me go through the second injury fund. that is probably why the offer is so low. Needless to say the only income i have right now is social security disability.

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    sh Guest


    Yes i think you are mistakenly thinking that "pemanent" means "total". Most permanent injury cases are classified as "partial" and worth significantly less. You also must think work comp is like a civil injury case that ends up with big $$. You have got a big surprise coming and should read the comp information frmo your state.
    You can put any value you want on what your injury has cost you -- it doesn't mean a thing to work comp. They have there own pricing system that doesn't care much about your hobbies, or how much pain you have or how great you job was with all the benefits. In most states you get a disability rating that pretty much "locked-in-stone" and a small set number of payments that can help offset some salary loss while you start a new job.
    Work comp puts most of it's money in your recovery/disability and medical treatment - there's not much left for a settlement.
    Workers' comp is "no fault" - there's no negligence or civil suits allowed.

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    ejreiss Guest


    yes I am aware of all of that I simply was asking how long it took for some people to get their next to nothing settlement. I also asked if anyone had any kind of money coming in after reaching mmi and end of ttd payments. I stated previously as for me and my extensive medical problems I am not willing to except 10k to settle my case quickly. I think that for wc that is a very small settlement

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    sh Guest


    Unrealistic expectations fuel a lot of frustration, disappointment, and anger with the system.

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    aj Guest


    Some cases never settle. Is the carrier currently paying you any indemnity or is it just medical care? There is no real incentive to settle for the carrier even with high dollar cases. I most high dollar cases they are receiving some type of reimbursement from the excess carrier. It also sounds like they be receiving payments from a second injury fund. Every case has a value to each party and usually there are major differences in these.

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