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    pt Guest


    I believe the 70 % is accurate - You may want to do a 'Google' Search and obtain more info.

    I'd start out with:

    Second Injury Fund Benefit New Jersey Workers Compensation.

    In combination with what details your Lawyer should eventually provide you with; this may be able to help you out as well.

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    ejreiss Guest


    I did some research online and couldn't find anything about the 70% min. to qualify for second inj fund however I did find info that stated the funds and liabilities would be split between ic and 2nd inj fund. However what if the 2nd inj fund doctor says I am under 70%disabled
    does this meen I am totaly screwed if this were the outcome.

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    sh Guest


    Again you must not be looking in the right places:
    "To be eligible for Fund benefits, an individual must be totally and permanently
    disabled as the direct result of a work-related injury in combination with a pre-existing permanent partial disability. It is not necessary that the pre-existing permanent partial disability be work-related."
    "totallY" = 100%. I'm not sure where you got the 70% figure. If you are less then total or 100% then the second injury fund is not involved and doesn't supplement your benefits.

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    ejreiss Guest


    I know you have to be considered unable to work in order to receive 2nd inj funds, I have never stated anything different. Two of my doctors both said I can't do any work. However I will be having a medical exam to determine if the 2nd inj fund qualifies in the near future and I was asking what happens if they say I don't qualify for that fund. would this mean ic's liabilities are minimal and I live on bread and water for the rest of my life? Because I had two of my doctors say I can't work does this automatically make me permanent total or 100%?

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    pt Guest


    I can understand your concerns; but, as I've previously attempted to convey.... these are issues that will be much better addressed by those professionals who are both medically, and legally familiar with your individual situation.

    I'd suggest.... that until you've undergone the second injury qualification evaluation, and have received the Report; the majority of answers that you're now seeking, would be largely based upon no more than mere speculation.

    Once the Report has been evaluated; yourself and those involved, will then be in a much better position to proceed... accordingly.

    Others may have additional opinion/advice - This has been mine.

    Good luck to you,


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    ejreiss Guest


    Thank you, I guess I'll just have to wait and see what happens. Thought someone might be able
    to give me some good news but no matter how you look at it, it's a crumby situation.

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    fedup Guest


    It is a messed up situation all around.

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    sh Guest


    No. comp judges do not make a determination of your disability based on how many doctors agree with each other. The fact that 10 doctos say 100% and 3 say 20% doesn't make the 10 right.
    If the judge says 100% then second injury fund pays part of your benefits; if less then 100, then the carrier/employer pays the whole award.

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    jim Guest


    I was awarded PTD and receive weekly TTD payments for life only they are reclassified to PTD payments. I had to file a seperate form requesting PTD and I had to see s state IME doctor for medical and another one for mental. The state medical gave me a rating of about 15% and said I could work, and the mental gave me a rating of 50%. He also stated that in and of itself I am PTD for depression. I won at the hearing for the mental report. If your doctors and tye state doctors differ the judje must decide and that could be tough to win.

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    nj Guest

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