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    kk Guest


    My dad committed suicide at his job site this past month and I wonder do I have rights to file a claim with the state of Alabama? My dad's workers comp. provider denied a claim.

    A note was left saying he done it because of his job. He was accused of sexual harrassment 3 years ago and he couldn't ever get it out of his mind. He was found to be innocent of the allegations; however, the damage was done. The woman that made these allegations was accomadated in getting all her vacation back and was moved to another area where in turn they built an office for her. It is a very long story but this is the best way to describe it.

    My dad was just told he was cleared of all allegations; however, that was it. No counseling was offered for him.

    Now after he committed suicide the company is enacting a way for fellow employees to notice depression in coworkers.

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    janiceo Guest



    I am very sorry your dad committed suicide. I don't have any answers for you but you will be in my prayers. May be someone else can give you some advice.


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    stand Guest


    Contact a lawyer asap and sue for wrongful death,
    the woman and the company as they both are to blame for this death.
    Also any of the HR department that took part of these actions. Sue them all!

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    pt Guest


    Hi KK,

    If I thought that words could truly ease the pain that's in your heart - or answer the questions that plague your mind.... I would offer you many, many of them.

    Insofar as the answers to your legal questions; you will need to begin that journey, by sharing them with an Attorney who specializes in Workers' Compensation Law - A consultaion should be complimentary/no charge.

    Your Dad must have been a proud man - His legacy being a child who can cherish and honor that quality - A workplace.. offering to now recognize that quality that was within him even more; by voluntarily and compassionately.... paying it forward.

    How you choose to proceed from here will be your decision to make - In any so with 'pride.'

    May God Bless You & Yours.

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    sh Guest


    Self-inflicted injuries are barred under workers comp laws.

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    kk Guest


    I thought workers comp. would be barred from what I could tell but maybe a wrongful death wouldn't be. I honestly believe though that it should be a workers comp. issue because the sexual harrassment allegations "on the job" caused this. Why would the company do everything to accomadate this woman and not even offer any kind of counseling to my dad? By the way, this happened on a federal base in Alabama. So how would this be affected by state law?

    BTW, I am extremely proud of my dad. I just know what happened on Oct. 10, 2005 was not him. He had a brain attack, just as someone one who has a heart attack and dies. My dad took pride in his job and why would he commit suicide at work unless he was making a statement to them? I will forever have questions but I know for a fact the sexual harrassment allegations took a lot out of him. He still talked about this as late as 2 months before his death. The allegations occurred while my mother was in the hospital for nearly 3 weeks. I made my concern to my dad's management that I believe that if they checked her financial records at the time of her family that would have found a motive. No reponse from them though.

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    pt Guest


    I personally knew a man; a fine and upstanding gentleman, who was also charged with this allegation. He was the CFO (Chief Financial Officer) of a major corporation.

    The 'lady' involved, wasn't exactly what you would call a 'Miss Lily White,'

    Long story short....DISASTER - Thousands upon thousands of hard-earned dollar's, savings. 2nd mortgages... stocks, children's Ivy League college funds ETC. exhausted in attempting to discredit this... highly, and quite clearly. low-life and questionable....person.

    She lost.

    His beautiful wife, and their devoted children, eventually lost as well.

    I'll never forget it - ever.

    Although I'm torn - I believe that Your Dad WAS trying to make a statement. Now make yours....wisely.

    If the claim is even accepted; legal retainers, (if required) can be extremely high - The 'sense' of loss of pride and of honor....even higher.

    Money talks. Tough decision - real tough; but still your decision to make.

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    kk Guest



    Thank you for the kind words earlier but I am confused by your latest post. What exactly are you saying? A lawyer will cost me to much? I thought a lot of lawyers would only take a case for a % of winnings instead of straight up. When you say "wisely", what are you saying?

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    aquarius Guest


    Dear kk,
    So sorry for your loss. I think an attorney will take this on contingency (meaning that they'll take a percentage of the winnings). Usually the first visit is free so check out several attorneys. Whatever you do, do NOT sign anything from the company unless your attorney tells you that it's ok. God Bless you and your family.

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    aquarius Guest


    Also, this may be a wrongful death lawsuit instead of a work comp suit. Either way, an attorney should take the case on contingency.

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