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    bob Guest

    Default Working while on prescribed narcotics

    are there any kind of laws in the state of California against working while taking perscribed heavy narcotics?

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    tisha Guest


    When I was prescribed narcotics, legally I could not work. My physician had to write me a note that I had to give to my employer stating that I was on prescription medication. Expecially if it was possible that it would interfere with my job.

    Hope this helps!

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    pooh Guest


    Most jobs actually have regulations against working with certain equipment while on heavy narcartics. If you have a medical staff on site - please report to the medical staff what you are to take while working. Remember there are advisories against operating machinery and equipment and driving while taking these types of narcotics - so if you get injured again unfortunately - the IC can say you were warned on the label of your script although a good attorney will fight this because it was their doctor that prescribed this med for a work related injury.

    Did the doctor give you any restrictions at all??

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    pt Guest


    Ever wonder how many non-injured, American worker's take pain medication while on the job each day?

    With Chronic Pain being so prevalent in our society; the figures could be staggering.

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    janiceo Guest


    Hi Bob,

    I live in Texas and worked in the school clinic. I was on so much prescribed medication I wasn't sure what I was doing at times. I gave medications to elementary school children and Health Sevices new I was on hard drugs. It didn't matter to any of them. I just thank God I didn't give the wrong medication or too much medication to any of the children. At least, I don't think I did. If I had done something really bad while I was taking these drugs the nurse I was working under would have taken the flack and probably been fired. The top nursing staff at Health Services would have denied knowing I was on prescribed hard drugs. Oh yes, I would have been fired too. I couldn't get anyone to listen to me. I would have died if I had hurt any of the children because I loved each and every one. I miss my job dearly because I liked the nursing field and being with people. My doctor finally said I was no longer to work and that I was medically disabled. This was back in 2001 and the doctors still say I should never work again due to my injuries. Of course, W/C keeps sending me to doctors of their choice every 3 to 6 months to see if one will say there is nothing wrong with me. I guess if they find one who they can pay off that will happen. Believe me if that happens I will get a signed statement from the doctor and W/C and get a really good doctor under my insurance and get my back fixed. Then they can file against W/C. I am so tired of the constant pain I don't know what to do but I won't give up. If I had been in a car accident I would have had my back taken care of years ago. I have also had three shoulder operations and two neck surgeries but W/C is really fighting to keep me from having my back fixed. If something isn't done soon I will wind up in a wheelchair for life and I will not let that happen.


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    dennison Guest


    just read the Labels on the Bottles and show that to the employer.......

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    pt Guest


    If it really has to come down to that; why not have a 'reliable' witness or two... just for good measure ?

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    mel Guest


    or take a tape recorder when you are telling them you are on the medication and then their response will be taped!

    I had the same problems while I was still working. They wanted me to drive to and from work while while on medication, I finally fought that by bringing to their attention their policy on driving their vehicles while being medicated and then they provided me a taxi. They expected me to drive my vehicle to work but wouldn't let me drive one of theirs due to the medication. Dr cont to say I was safe to drive, I was on methodone, nuerontin, oxycotin and baclifen and others. Sometimes I couldn't even hold my head up. But the dr cont to say these meds would level off and then I would be all right to drive. This is how much they push adjust and set up things so you will have to go back to work. They don't care what condition you are in only that you returning to work saves them money. There is a general statute for your state if you can locate it in reference to driving while impaired, this also included medication prescribed by Drs. It will show up in bloodwork and you will be held responsible. My Dr first was all for me driving, ordered an in home driving eval that tested you on your responses ect that wc paid for. They then take you out in a drivers ed car and let you drive, then take you to DMV for your testing. Even with all this that GS still stands in effect. The DMV medical review board even gave me the ok to drive. WC then paid for the modifications that needed to be made to my car so that I could drive. If something should happen and you have a wreck, ect you are going to be the only one to stand alone with this, they will not assist.

    Same as working with medication, you are more apt to get hurt at the job again due to being on strong medications, which is going to cause you even more problems, along with them. Talk to your attorney.

    My employer was against me even returning to work after my first surgery with me begging them while taking hydrocodone, they wouldn't allow it. Next thing you know, they are allowing me to work on many much stronger drugs. Makes no sense to me. Many nights I had to leave early or not even go in due to pain or not being able to stay awake. In the end I was fired for not being able to come to work.

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    blurr Guest


    Hydrocodone? Diazapam? Relaxants? Anti-depressants? Anything to get you back to work so they can make the paperwork for the IC look acceptable and show their lost time accidents are non existant! There are a total of 3 of us who are now unemployable due to this method, been terminated due to the inability to find suitable work. The gloves are off we've banded together and I will let you know how this system works. Smoke pot your fired! Take oxycontin and we will allow you to work under the most dangerous situations. HOAX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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