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    Default Injured in Ohio Hospital

    Hello i hope someone can help me. My wife was attacked by a paitent at the hospital where she worked in April 2004. She was in a locked area which she had access to but was never trained to deal with this type of patient Or safety measures on this type of floor. She was off of work with heck and head pain and memory loss for about 6 months.She returned to work on a limited basis and continued to recieve Workers Compensation to suuppliment her income on the days she had to call in sick due to her illness. She tried to hold onto her job but it finally go to be too much for her. Her problems worsened and thr tremor in her right hand that she had developed was getting worse. The doctors said the tremor, her dizziness, memoryloss confusind and disorientation were all from the Post Concussion Syndrome. One day she had an incident of global amnesia which lasted aprox 5 hours as far as we can figure. She has had smaller ones since. The doctors took her back off of work and told her she could no longer drive. The company then stopped paying her even thought the doctors said this as a direct reuslt of her Post Concussion Syndrome. Ahe has been out of work since May with no pay. Her attorney has requested information from two of her doctors who refuse to furnish this information. The Crime Victim Servicesis haveing the same problem with these two doctors. TOne doctor claims that the attorney wants the doctors to do his job for him. I am so confused and we are hurting very much financally. We still have insurance through her work but once that is gon we will no longer have insurance. Also is there any VSSR issue tath can be sited here. I cannot find anything and I am not so sure the attorney is looking. Can anyone help us. Shse was advised to file for SSI benefirs and has done so but she does not feel that the government should pay for a problem that came from a work injury.

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    Regardless of whether you have a legitimate claim or not (and it certainly sounds legitimate) the insurer will do everything possible to weasel out of having to pay...that's how they retain huge profits for their investors. Time and financial pressure are the two weapons used by adjustors and ins attorneys. They have more of both than do we.

    I agree that this shouldn't be an issue for the federal government (SSI). But you can be sure that if given the chance the insurer will push for the SSI to relieve themselves of a portion of the liability in the future.

    What bothers me most about your situation is it sounds as if the WC was handling this for you, up to a point, and suddenly they are in denial. (I swear they need a 12 step program of reform for the WC carriers, they're all in denial).
    If these are doctors in the employ of your insurer or under contract to your employer (ie; Comp Serve) they have an obligation to supply you or your attorney with medical records.
    The entire WC program is obtuse by two definitions of the word. It's stupid to think that this sort of treatment of the people who are the backbone of this country can continue. And by the other definition, obtuse, as in a triangle, the laws and legislation that these companies are supposed to abide by lean considerably in the direction of industry and insurance companies.

    I truly believe the time has come to fund a lobbyist who's single focus is promoting legislation that actually protects injured workers and imposes extreme penalties for companies who demonstrate the inability to act in good faith and are more concerned with their own obscene profits.

    Good luck with this case, and be prepared for the long haul.

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    Disputes are handled by the work comp court. If your attorneys are involved in litigation there is little that can/will be done by the employer or carrier until that is resolved.
    Glad you are looking for alternative help. She should contact her union. They often have contingency funds and can supplement workers is difficult situations. Contact state and county welfare agencies about help with health coverage especially if kids are at risk. Church and social organizations often have support groups. Contact any lenders (credit card, mortgage, car, etc.) about extensions and payment plans while there is disability issues. Most appreciate the initiative and will work with you.

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