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    john Guest


    i could use a little help with the massachuseetes lwas on loss of fingers.I lost my pinky and half of my middle finger on my right hand also my ring finger is barely it true the most i will receive is 15,000?

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    knowknees Guest


    Have you talked to an attorney?

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    anon2006 Guest


    Most states have a specific rating system for loss of digits or extremities. Check your state statutes.

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    bucky Guest


    I don't know about Mass.,but in my state that sounds about right. I know two indivuals that lost half of a finger and recieved aprox. 5,000. Your state my be different so you'll need to do further research. good luck.

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    knowknees Guest


    They have a set rate, so WHAT? The ALJ will take their set-rate and disperse a settlement by means of a chart, that has not one single iota of the future, of loss of wages due to your disability. Pain and suffering out the door, forget it you lose! Education job classification and overall ability to preform a job suitable for you DOES play a role! By no longer able to perform the job of a mechanic, hypothetically, if this is the case, you are entitled in most states, to Vocational Rehabilitation. Do not let anyone tell you you finger is worth 2$ and your toe is worth 1$. There are factors that come into play that many ERs and their ICs ommit or fail to mention. Talk to an attorney! There is a 'rating' on the body part but that is just a starting point, and in many cases an IW says the finger is worth 2$, so I will take 2x 2 1/2=5. Huge misconception. A good lawyer would fill you in on the mitigating factors on the 'worth'. 15000$ is the best case scenerio for the IC. I have/had a friend who (he moved) lopped off 1/4 of his index finger and what you would get is "chicken-feed" Yes, state laws vary, but in this inncident where the parameters are basically the same legal represantion made about an 3000$ different after the attorney fees!And as fore mentioned the difference could be quite worth investigating. The best way to sabotage your case is 'take' it.

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    knowknees Guest


    I hope someone out there read between the lines. Your leg is worth 10$ unless you are a professional football player who is a kicker then it is factored in as a mitigating factor. Proclusion is your, and your attorneys responsibility. Go naked and expect 15 grand or whatever the case may be. LOL

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    knowknees Guest


    Sometimes I will play 'games' when I think one is The Fair System we have installed today, but if documentation shows you lost your fingers due to an at work injury. I will give you my mailing address and you mail me. This is why Federal Reform is needed. No e-mail address, too many flakes who I wish not to be involved with could clutted my state of the art computer. 1981 APPLE SPC!!

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    knowknees Guest


    Becky refer to...what if...KNOWKNEES

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    shadow Guest


    my lawer told me if i lost a leg or a finger i would have got a mill or a half a mill but i have a head neck and back injury and lost my hair and scalp and will never be the same they only want to give me two hundred and seventy five thoundsand dollars to live for the rest of my life now thats a crock and my pill's are 500.00 a bottle plus everything elese.......iam in michigan

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    sh Guest


    Doesn't sound like your lawyer is a work comp specialist. Comp doesn't pay that kind of money for the disability from a finger amputation. The lawyer must be confusing comp with civil law.
    Michigan looks at actual wage loss and loss of earning capacity.

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