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    guy Guest

    Default Settlement Offers and Injury Ratings

    I am totally confused about my rating and what it means. My rating is 40%. My injury was a torn meniscus. Due to the fact that this injury and subsequent surgery completely brought my life to a stand still some physiological problems occurred. I was told by my attorney that my age may even come in to play (50 years old). My doctor is recommending vocational rehab and intends to leave the medical part open. It is possible that I may need surgery in the future but none is planed at this time. I guess my point is this. What is a good settlement offer? I am sick of being at the mercy of Drs, lawyers and insurance companies and I just want to get this behind my and try to move on with my life on my terms. I don

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    sh Guest


    Each state calculates diability payments differently. While most use an impairment rating system of some kind ,each has different rates and different factors in computing the disability amount.

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    knowknees Guest


    Don't think you are going to find a square answer to your question. 40% PPD is an awfully high rating. The reason you're age could and probably will come into play is the development of osteoarthritis, degenerative joint disease, ect... with the possibility of total knee replacement (TKR) needed in your future. Your ROM (Range of Motion) must not be very good for them to rate you so high, or they found something else while performing arthroscopic surgery that you may not be aware of. Medical part open, as far as I'm concerned, at your age is a GOOD thing. Probably need to post the state you're in and maybe someone can give you a ballpark figure from their own experiences. Good-luck! Knees suck!

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    guy Guest


    Thanks for the information. I live in California. I guess it's a common issue, but sometimes I feel me attorney is just as closed mouth and hard to talk to as the insurance company. If I had a basic idea of the settlement value of my case (or if settling was the best idea) I think I could stop driving myself crazy and start thinking about life after this mess. I am getting $200 per week permanent disability at this point. Is that normal?

    Thanks again.

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    pt Guest


    Although, and by 'today's' standards; a 40% impairment rating can indicate some moderate, disability... I would suggest that if it's 'at all' workable; make a concentrated effort to get on with your life.

    When all's said and done; you'll know what's best for you to do.

    Good luck to you!

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    pt Guest


    Hi, Knowknees - Thank you.

    Had to take the "BOSS" over to the Vet - Been a rough, day. Praying that he'll be back home tomorrow in order to continue running the joint!

    He promised that he'd give it all he's got - He will, too.

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    guy Guest


    Hey! That

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    knowknees Guest


    "BOSS" he'll be just fine, until then I'm sure the joint is in "GOOD HANDS"


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    sh Guest


    Disability computations in california are modified for age and occupation.
    Payment rates are 2/3 of your wages but have a variable cap according to the injury date and rating %. It's a complex system.
    Have you had a formal rating or is the 40% just a "guesstimate" by your attorney?
    A lumpsum buyout is not automatic - the carrier has to agree and it most likely will include medical. Medical needs are different for each case so there is not an easy way to price them.
    for a 2004 injury 40%= $43,150
    here are some charts

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    guy Guest


    Thanks SH. You gave me something to think about. The 40% seems to be what my side has come up with. The IC says that the injury should be 60/40 (me 60 them 40) because I have some arthritis in the knee. My Dr says that is BS. But who knows. Thanks again.

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