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    Hi. I live in New York and need some advise. My husband hurt his shoulder (a pre-existing injury) at work back in July 2005. He went to see an orthopedic surgeon (with a very good reputation) and after being approved through workers comp, had his surgery in September. He attends physical therapy 2-3 times a week and is still out of work as his doctor gives him a note saying he is totally disabled because he still has not gained strength or proper movement in his arm. He was required by the workers compensation board to see one of their doctors, who only found him partially disabled. Right before xmas workers comp cut his benefits in half because of their doctors findings. We contacted to discuss the issue and were told toe send in the Dr.s notes (we did). My husband called again today (there have been other calls in between) and was told that they (w/c rep) would put in a ticket for a hearing. How can we move this along faster? We are just sinking here - unable to pay our bills. Does anyone have any advise as to what we can do? Thanks for listening!

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    My first advise is to get a lawyer. Most W/C lawyers do not require payment up front but require a percentage of your settlement. I say this because I was jerked around by the W/C system for over 4 months, and was finally told by the W/C commissioner to obtain a lawyer. I have been in this sucky system for a year now. No matter what always think negative towards the doctors, insurance company, and the workers compensation system. I was a very positive person prior to this, and now I distrust everyone. They will pretend to be on your side, only to get you to bend over and then they give it to you. They have no sense of morals or humanity. They are all in it for the money, and will say and do anything to get their point across. They will twist your words around etc.. all to benefit their pocket. AGAIN, GET A LAWYER AND MAKE SURE IT IS A GOOD ONE.... And do it quick, the Insurance company will try to "starve you out" by not paying you when they know you have a legitimate injury. I would also see about going to another doctor(not an IME,Insurance or W/C doctor), and just plan on being in a long unnecessary fight. Make sure you document EVERYTHING and I mean EVERYTHING. From dates, times, who you spoke with, what they said... etc.. And good luck to you.

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