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    Default Need Advice About The Comp System

    i'm due for my 3rd cervical disc surgery this month,1996 had c6-c7, 2003 had c5-c6, now c4-c5
    i can't keep going through this crap how do i approach my dr. what questions should i ask. i'm recieving w/c weekly and doubt i can go back to my job. min 75 lb. lifting. how does the w/c procedure go. thanks

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    Depends on which state you are in. Each is different. Some states have retraining and/or VR benefits; others you are on your own.

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    If you decide you don't want to do another surgery, you can ask for vocational rehabilitation benefits and explore returning to a lighter occupation.
    You will be entilted to some additional partial disability benfits:
    If you have an earning capacity, but have not been cleared by your doctor to return to full duty, you may qualify for partial benefits for a maximum of 260 weeks. For certain types of severe incapacity, you may receive benefits for up to 520 weeks.
    Partial incapacity payments equal 60 percent of the difference between your average weekly wage prior to your injury and the weekly wages you are now capable of earning. The maximum compensation under this section of the law is limited to 75 percent of what your weekly total temporary benefits would be. For example, if you would receive $440 a week as a total temporary benefit, the most you could receive if you collected partial benefits would be $330 a week.

    or even lumpsum buyout.
    For detailed information on Massachusetts work comp benefits see the employee guide
    or visit their website

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