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    stacy Guest

    Default Depression After A Workplace Injury

    i am on workers comp for a shoulder injury and now im starting to get depressed and its affecting me badly... Is this a workers comp claim also?

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    anon2600 Guest


    Could be. Depression is a fairly occurance in WC cases. "Pain" can become depressing.
    Depression can also be a side affect of your medication...(?) well as just not knowing what your future will bring...lack of enough money to pay bills, eat, etc.

    Talk to your doctor and possibly he will give you something or refer you for some consultion with a psych doctor...

    Be careful, think about this, a psych claim in order to be compensable must result in a permenant disability, Any % of PD in psych is not necessarily something you would want to carry around with you for the rest of your life. You can get some help with this, w/o actually adding a psych claim to your case.

    Do you have an attorney? What state are you in?
    The laws of your state will/could affect this...

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    knowknees Guest


    There are many different laws and codes for each state, need to know more about your case, state you live in, surgery or no surgery? Going to Physical Therapy? Not enough here to go on Stacy. In the state I reside in, IF it can be proved that your employment was the prevailing factor, Hypertension is compensatiable...Good-Luck...Greg

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    stacy Guest



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    anon2600 Guest


    Talk to your doctor about the depression...there are medications for matter how much support you get here, it won't help.

    Partial rotator cuff tears are not uncommon, lots of people live their entire lives and don't even know they have one. Usually there is not even surgery done. PT will help with your ROM, but "tears" do not heal on their own. You hear people say they can tell when a storm is coming, gonna rain... bursitis? (sp), rotator tear.

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    pooh Guest



    Anon is correct about many living with partial rotator cuff tears. However, if you have a bone spur that has caused the tear - there is also the possiblity that the tear may become a full thickness tear over time.

    Have you had a MRI yet? OR just X-rays? And if you had the MRI - did they use the dye to see if it was a full thickness tear?

    As for the depression, everyone is right - best to get help - whether you get help through WC or through your own PCP. Since you are represented, you may want to talk to your attorney on the best way to preceed with that. Mine told me to get the help anyway I could at the time because WC would fight me every step of the way, but every case is different. (They were already fighting just for treatment of the shoulders)

    So I ended up getting the help on my own. I still suffer from depression. But like others say - Living in pain daily will cause some sort of depression. So does the life changes that we have to make because of WC, some pain medications are actually associated with causing increased depression.

    One of the best things you can do for yourself is to get the help you need regardless of who ends up paying for it in the end. May counties have mental health clinics and work on a sliding pay scale - i.e. accept what you can pay or even just accept what your health insurance will pay of you still have health insurance. So there are options for help. Sometimes your PCP will prescribe anti-depressants to help as well. Be sure no matter what doctor that you see that you tell them of all drugs that you are taking including over the counter drugs because there are many over the counter drugs that can interact with anti-depressants.

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    lynn Guest


    Stacy-- I have been dealing with major depression also! It can completly turn your life upside down!
    I have been dealing with my work injury foralmost 5 years! The depression started after the surgies I have had and I haven't improved, injury wise, I have actually been worse since surgey! So I know how you feel!
    I have been on many different meds for this! After my body would get used to a med. the Dr would have to change them! I have been through alot of different meds! Right now the one's I'm on are working!
    If you ever need any info or support you can contact me anytime!
    It has heloed me to be able to talk to people who have gone through the same thing!
    You are in my prayers!!

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    pt Guest


    Although depression can be linked to chronic can often be replaced by the most simple of things.

    Look around - There is much to be be be discovered.

    To be appreciated.

    If it should takes a medical professional, or a pill for you to be able to recognize these things...that's ok.

    Just remember to still...look around.

    Good luck to you, Stacy.

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    knowknees Guest


    There is nothing wrong with discussing depression and it can help to talk to others and gain support. Pain is the exact same thing. Venting or sharing does help. Pills don't always help. I'm sure you have heard of support groups AA and so on. Depression, Pain, and the affects of this temporary or sometimes permanently debilitating condition(s) can be controlled or sometimes completely cured by sharing your experiences with others who have been through the same as you. Meditation is another great escape for Anxiety and Depression. I look at it like this, times are tough but so am I. Pain is much like depression thats why they are often 'bunched' together.

    I was at a church dinner and met a woman (Wife of a Homicide Investigator in my State) She just happened to sit at the same table as my wife and I. She mentioned a New Pain Management Specialist she was fixing to meet with, and was apprehensive about opening up to a New Dr. (shes had 6 back surgeries) I let her know this New Dr. was also helping me with my problems and the Stigma attached to being a Chronic Pain Patient. We sat and talked for a very long time she expressed how much better she felt after sharing her feelings with someone else who is also suffering. You can talk to family and friends but the best feeling is to talk to someone who ACTUALLY has been there and done that. Support will help heal wounds...If you need someone to talk to e-mail me at (3 personalities) Large-Compassionate-Fighter...Greg

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    kenneth Guest


    I'm glad you stated it's OK to talk about depression. Some how this makes me feel a bit more at ease.

    I've been on meds for this for a few months now and have seen some small but definite improvements in regards to interacting with people and my activity level.

    My WC case still drags on as is predictable, and at times I still feel my life is completely in the control of someone else, but I can deal with this.
    What I'm struggling with are the 3 foster children (ages 4, 6, and 10) we took in 2 years ago (all addicted to meth at birth). The state in it's infinite wisdom decided to put them up for adoption in January '06', then in February stated they were moving them to live with their birth mother in a rehab facility 150 miles from here. Now in March they state this will no longer go on and is moving them back to be in a pre-adoption program.
    As financially stressed as we've been for the past couple years due entirely to the injury, my employer and their IC we don't qualify to adopt these kids.(Not to mention my wife and I will be in our seventies when the last one gets out of high school). This absense of options brought on by the financial manipulation by the IC is just one more thorn in my side when I think about the affect this miserable WC system has on us and our extended families.
    How many lives can they screw up? How criminal are their activities when it comes to dealing with people? Should they not be held to some degree/code of ethics?

    I guess this is my real depression. And what I'd like to say to the author of this posting is to definitly get some help (and soon), this is not a condition that generally gets better on it's own, it seems to feed on itself and only spiral down.
    In my own experience with the meds it seems to just turn the light back on at the end of a very dark tunnel and give you back a little direction.

    I'll have to say also that I've found this web-site to have been of great help. By allowing me to vent some of my frustration and speak to people who are dealing with the same, and many times far worse problems than my own, it has allowed me to realize I'm not alone in this battle.

    Good luck to you.

    Keep fighting this lousy system.

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