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    emily Guest

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    I go to the DR this week for my for a 5 week post op check.. I do my pt 3 day's a week for 9 hour's.. I asked today if my DR will have my progess note's when I go on Thrusday, and was told that my NCM had wanted them sent to her and she would fax them to my DR... what is this all about? I have made very litle progress, I know that and so dose she from her weekly vist's to pt... I can't even hold my baby yet, so there has benn realy no progress....Can she change thing's on there without us knowing?

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    knowknees Guest


    She can legally have that done if the IC co. is 'footing' the bill for YOUR Dr. and you have signed a release of information form. She can in no way legally alter any document, and being faxed wouldn't pertain. A Legal document has to be "certified". Who's Dr. are you seeing? Is this a Dr. of your choosing? Is this Dr. working for the W/C Insurance Carrier? Need a little more information. No she can't change anything any Physician has noted. There are laws against forgery. Her weekly visits are nothing more than a...Hows she doing so far?..Greg

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    emily Guest


    This is my Ortho who will take on some worker's comp case's.. the note's are from PT to my Dr... yes they are being paid by w/c I think it's wrong that she will see this before he dose...But who am I to say.... thank's Emily

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    knowknees Guest


    Oh I see its from your Physical Therapist to YOUR Dr. but looked at first by the NCM. No sweat! Don't really matter as I have found the treating Physician carries FAR more weight than any PT. You are safe and I wouldn't worry too much at all, she can't manipulate your Dr's. findings. Always ask questions but this is nothing to get worked up over. Your PCP (Primary Care Provider) is the 'BOSS'....Greg

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    knowknees Guest


    B.T.W.- Why don't you make arrangements to get a copy of the report BEFORE its seen by the NCM? You are entitled to any and all Medical Documentation or Evaluations Pertaining to YOU when they become ready. Call and ask when the report will be ready and let the PT know you would appreciate a copy as soon as it is available.

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    emily Guest


    Thank you I never would of thought to aks for the note's...I have been dealing with this for just under 3 year's, just not at this levle I reported my injury right when it happened lucky for me I worked in a hospital so I went right to the ER, but after that I was jerked around by everyone, able to work not able to work,and a a$$ of a DR telling me nothing was wrong with me,when I even read the MRI report myself... I finaly got to a real good DR and he is taking good care of me... it is everything else that has to do with the w/c that I find shadey..thank's again Emily

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    knowknees Guest


    Shadey, you are a very polite individual when it comes to word selection...Greg

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    knowknees Guest


    A little 'Heads-up' on the PT notes. I have been to 4 or 5 Physical Therapist, I lose track, their notes are written as bad if not worse than a Dr's. Being you worked in a Hospital it might help you. I look at a HUGE stack of mine and it looks like Chinese writing to me. I am probably wrong but I believe it is almost like a formality issue. Mine could be 'altered' and I wouldn't have a clue. Thats why it would be best if you get a copy before the NCM does. Either way I don't really see much difference. Keep your Dr. on your side, thats whats most important to your well being and recovery...Greg

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    emily Guest


    Thank you.. I don't get why I am still in so much pain, it's been almost 5 week's since I had my surgery, and i feel wore then before, I can't lay on back when I do my shoulder is about 4 inches off the ground,and it wont go down, they told me that I have a rib that is out of place due to how long it took for me to be taken care of the right way... sorry just venting.. you know the very wore part of this is I have a 1 year old that I can't even pick up.. and I am home alone during the day with him while my husband is at work....thank's emily

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    knowknees Guest


    I just want you to know you are not alone, and I wish the best for you and your family. I have had both my knees reconstructed and countless surgeries. I haven't slept in the same bed with my wife for far too long, due to residuals and complications I'm Still experiencing, years later. I have children also 9 and 10, if not for them I'd of given up long ago. Family support and knowing you are not alone hopefully gives you some solace. I pray you don't have to wait any longer than necessary to hold your baby. Your friend...Greg

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