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    Default Moving From Texas to Arizona

    I have searched everywhere I can think of and I can't find any information about moving from state to state with an open WC claim. I saw one post on the subject but I will be moving from Texas to Arizona and haven't a clue how this would affect my claim. I was injured a little over 11 years ago and am currently on SSDI. The only thing WC still pays for is my doctor's visits and meds since I have had all available treatment for my disability but I need this help. I have no health insurance and medicare is a joke so am I gonna have a problem with my claim if I move away? My husband died recently and I would really like to move closer to my family but I guess if I'll lose my benefits I'll have to stay put. Any help you can offer would be appreciated. Thanks

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    I doubt you'll find any information regarding this. It isn't something that is covered in the laws/codes of most states, if any.
    The biggest problem most IW's find in relocating, is finding a doctor/provider that will accept the fee schedule of your state of claim, or write the necessary reports required..which they are not obligated to do. And, in some states, you may have to pre pay for your treatment/meds and send the bill to be reimbursed by the IC.

    You don't say if your case was 'settled' or not. Sounds like is was as you aren't receiving any active treatment. But in general, moving will not affect your case. You should/will not loose any benefits you are entitled to.

    I'm confused about your statement that Medicare is a 'joke', if you mean because they will not pay for your work related injury...(?), that's true, they will not pay for your treatment until any money you got for your future medical expenses is exhausted.
    If it's because of the costs involved. You should look into assigning your Medicare to an HMO like Blue Cross, Pacific Care...Aetna or another available in AZ. You would only have a small co-pay and not the costs involved in Medicare. You also should look into applying for Medicade, if your income allows for this.
    There are sources to help you in getting the care/assistance you need, you just have to look for them, and make yourself available by applying for the benefits.

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    Thanks for your reply. Do you know of any type of registry of doctors in a specific area (AZ) that I could check into before moving that could tell me if they accept WC claims? Since I worked my whole life and never even applied for unemployment WC was a whole new ball game for me. At the time of my "rating" and "settlement" papers being received I was still in so much pain and worried about treatments that I didn't know what these terms even meant. I therefore didn't file any objections to these at the time and have been stuck with no settlement and only a 15% disability rating throughout my claim. I now know what all this means and what a mistake I made but cannot do anything about it now. My husband and I almost lost our home over WC not paying for monthly benefits and when we finally received this one payment around $6000 all those years ago we were thrilled to be able to catch everything up and pay taxes, etc. So, all I have received is this one payment from WC. In my case Medicare costs me $50 a month (required) and I see a family physician maybe twice a year costing me a total of $80. After paying $600 a year just for coverage and $100 deductible then anything over 80% of medicare claim, for me it is useless. If I convert my WC claim and start applying Medicare coverage to these doctors bills it will still cost me a fortune. And as for meds necessary to treat me, all of the part D medicare med plans I have checked will not pay for most of my monthly meds and part D will cost me another $30-$40 a month and I will still have to pay for most of my meds myself.

    I seem to have fallen thru a crack here and I'm just not sure of what rights or benefits I will still have if I move out of state. I assume that a lot of IW's here know what it means to finally find a physician who will file WC claims and accept you as a patient long term and find a pharmacy who will fill your RX's and file with WC so you can get your meds is a miracle within itself. Guess I'm just so afraid of "rocking the boat" especially now that I'm alone here and have no support. My husband cared for me the past few years and when he got cancer I did the best I could to care for him and myself. Now I'm alone and have no family near me and just keep thinking "what am I doing here?" and that is why I am even considering this move.

    As far as Medicaid, I do receive SSDA and some VA benefits as well, does anyone know if medicaid counts this type of income when they are assessing you for these benefits? I know a lot of questions and very hard to try to predict what will happen to me if I move but I thought it worth checking into since I live in a small town (pop 780) and am finding it really hard to keep up with bills, maintenance of home and even required trips to doctors and pharmacy.

    Thanks again for your reply and if you have any more insight into this I would welcome any replies from anyone. Thanks!

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    First of all, your Medicare Part A is covered automatically, you pay $88.00 per month for PartB, NOT $50.00. IF you were to go to an HMO for your 'regular' medical, you would have a co-pay around $5/$10.00 for an office visit. There are very minimal other costs than that. And with most HMO's there is no additional cost for Part D. Look into this as soon as you can.
    There is no directory of doctors who accept WC. You can call your CA and ask there if they cover WC benefits for other ER's in AZ, they may be able to assist you with finding a doctor in your new location. CAN NOT use your Medicare benefits for ANY work related injury medical treatments/medications. This should have been explained to you when you applied for SSDI. You can read all the requirements of CMS/Medicare here..

    Having Medicare is sometimes better than having "regular" health insurance, don't discount this coverage. ALL retirees have Medicare, learn how to access the benefits of this entitlement.
    Go and talk to the people at SSA, they will help you to understand the benefits you are entitled to. To get Medicade, you are limited to certain income/asset levels, and you apply through the Social Services of the county where you live. The state handles applications for Medicade.

    If you had a rating of 15%, and received $6000.00 that WAS your "settlement", WC does not have a provision for "lost wages" or "pain and suffering"...
    Go ahead with your plans to move to AZ. You will not loose any benefits you now enjoy.

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    Well, since I live in the absolute 'boonies' I don't have access to any HMO's so that lets that out. So no copay and no med coverage. As far as Medicare goes, our only local clinic charges $60 a visit if you have Medicare and only $40 if you are paying cash. Weird, huh? Therefore, going twice a year I still have to pay $100 out of $120. I would call my CA but everytime I do, she finds some reason to stop my benefits and make me go thru all the hoops again to be reinstated. I do eventually get reimbursed but not in a position now to go thru this again.

    The $6,000 I received was because they withheld paying ANY weekly benefits I was entitled to until they approved my claim. All bills were paid by me and when they finally deemed me eligible for benefits they had to pay my weekly stipend and bills from the date of injury. It was just reimbursement for things I had already paid for plus the weekly amount I should have received after my injury was reported, it wasn't a settlement of sorts, just back income they never paid.

    Thanks for the info on Medicaid, I'll do some research on it and see where I stand. If I have to claim the VA benefits I probably won't be eligible. My husband was 100% disabled due to agent orange exposure in Vietnam and between his benefits and his salary and my SSDI we were comfortable but that all ended with his death. I get about 1/3 of what he got and he missed his pension by 3 months so all I have is SSDI and what I get from VA to pay all the same bills with. I'm out of ideas for being 'creative' LOL.

    Thanks Anon 2600 for all your ideas tho, I'll do some more checking.

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