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    michael Guest

    Default Bankrupted by Gallagher Bassett

    Two years ago I was earning $85,000.00 a year as an auto tech. From no fault of my own I slipped and fell injuring my back. Since that time I have spent 90% of my time trying to get money out of Gallagher Bassett, My employers carrier. Through taking advantage of every loophole in Connecticuts miserably insurance company favored comp laws, they have managed to delay payment at every opportunity and when forced to pay would only pay the minimum they could get away with. In the meantime I have exhausted my savings and had my credit score go from 720 to 530. At this point bankruptcy is my only option and will probably end up homeless anyway.
    If anyone else has similar stories concerning Gallagher Bassett and Connecticuts biased laws, Please post and let your complaints be heard. Maybe we can make a difference.

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    mj Guest


    I am also in CT and have been going through the same thing, but with ACE USA. Do you have an Attorney? That is your best bet, they will get you the comp. that is owed. I went 6 months with no pay when the Employer, Ace, and their attorney KNEW I was injured at work. But thats how they play their "starve you out" games. Hang in there and don't let them bring you down. FIGHT THEM to all he$$'s end. I also wrote letters to Politicians which went into the trash bin, since they don't care one iotta on what is happening here in CT with the tax paying citizens.

    GET AN ATTORNEY... You will need one, or you will be jacked around the whole crappy process of W/C.

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    t Guest


    I am so sorry to hear about your stories - Here is a link that although it wont help you - maybe it will help someone else out. You can add the insurance company to this list and get their name out their as being one of the bad/or good ones.

    I've also included some other links - Hopefully something here might be able to keep you out of bankruptcy court OR at least keep you in your home.


    Best of luck to you both.


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    amc Guest


    i have those real nice thieves alos in massachusets what doctor did they send you too its been a year know and i am still waiting for the proper treatment but cocentra wont approve an asprin long story short i went from a 40,000 &#43; a year to welfare and food stamps i have 2 childeren and a very loving wife if it wasnt for them i would have probably just killed my self my anxiety got so bad that the therapist i went too told me that i needed meds im know on about 10 pills a day taking that much medication my liver should give around my 50th birthday ALL THEY DO CANCEL CONCILIATIONS over and over again they cancelled mine about 7 times and know they have sent to the same old <FONT COLOR="ff0000">•••••••</FONT> of an ime he couldnt even read an ime film please keep up the fight mass laws are knot that great either ,i have an attorney and they can only do so much be prepared you will lose everthing i have been on it a year ......but dont let up fight them every step of the way

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    knowknees Guest


    Look for the Law Firm that represents them. You may then understand...Greg

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    a Guest


    well did a little research gallagher is really BACKED BY ZURICH WHO COMES UP ON THE WE ARE A S S HOLES LIST of work mans comp list of bad workers comp in MASSACHUSETTS THEY USE THE LAW FIRM OF READT,KIERNANA&amp;MCNALLY

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    anon Guest


    We are dealing with GB as a third party administrator in California. They are now denying the psyche meds that have prevented suicide so far. Hmmm, I wonder what they are hoping for.

    Sorry, I&#39;m paying for them myself, thanks. They can pay me later with penalties.

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    a Guest


    anon galbasett is just a puppy compared to the big beast in zurich i go for my first conference tommorow do they have everyone in thier pockets down too the door man how can we defeat this GIANT IN THE OLD DAYS when companies had too fight thier own battles people say it was too one sided for the people....but even when i was a child going back 30 years i can still remeber my dad and uncles forming a union because they still did what ever they wanted and here we are 30 years later and its the same bull tomorrow i do knot expect alot ive been denied everything that they put me on welfare,and you want to know something i actualy took pride in suporting my family i worked 8 yrs with that company and 12 yrs with another company never asked for a freakin dime from anyone and here i am ....they can pay a man MONEY HE IS OWED THEY CAN PAY FOR MY SURGERY,,,,,,,BUT WERE HOW DO I GET MY pride BACK FOR BEING A GOOD HUSBAND AND DAD I CAN BEARLY HAVE A MEAL WITH MY CHILDEREN WITHOUT CRYING.........THATS THE ONE THING I THINK WE ALL FORGET OUR PRIDE NO ONE CAN PUT MONETRY VALUE ON THAT ONE...

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    anon2006 Guest


    Gallagher Bassett is a subsiduary of the Arthur J. Gallagher Companies&#40;AJGCO&#41;. AGJCO is the 4th largest broker in the world. GB is a third party adminstrator and is one of the largest in the country. Zurich is a carrier who may place business with both companies.

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    knowknees Guest


    For all the research you do, look up. EVANS and DIXON. Then the cash cows become more clear...Greg

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