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    cma Guest


    maria the court how many times can a person appeal again this is my first workers comp case ....idont know how too explain it but at the conference every time the insurance company lawyer spoke he would be nooding yes as like i was not there and my lawyer spoke he/ he would have no expression...workers comp is a very strange court proceeding....

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    anon Guest


    Let me make sure I understand the time line of the events here. You have 2 unrelated auto accidents and begin treatment for them. On a Wednesday you receive 3 cortisone injections and return to work on Thursday which I presume is the day after the injections. You then work 4 hours and feel a pop in your back. I am correct so far? Now you think all of your problems are related tot he Thursday accident? Did you have any diagnostics done prior to the wc accident? Any after? If so what were the changes? It sounds like the court denied you as all medical was pre-existing in nature. How do you relate all of it to your accident when you had a prior medical condition and were treating for this? Please tell us more regarding the denial.

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    cma Guest


    well 1st went back too work no restrictions.this L4,L5 SI TRAETMENT felt good enough too go to work doc put me with no retrictions seen company doctor also same thinh no retrictions'''

    both car accidents happened a while ago 1st i think 2000, second 2002 both settled and i was really ok after the physical and chiro,so went back too work NOretrictions

    had a secong accident agaian rear ended neck and very little back injury ssame as before except for neck seen chriopractop seen nuerosutgeon put me on physical theray i was fine...again no retrictions

    know work accident it was mother day weekend i had sneezed and i felt some stiffness the morning after i called my nuerosurgeon recived cortisone shots that tuesday reported all of this too my supervisor left him a detailed message of what had transpired the last couple of days he to;d me if i didnt feel better too call him on wednesday,well i felt the same as i did for the last eight years that i had felt working for this company iwent too him he wrote me a note stating no retrictions...and i called my supervisor and told him what transpired for the last three days he told me bring docs note no problem

    and know here i am with the ime putting restrictions on me ..i know its a though case too prove either way but when they finally did the MRI there was a new disc bulge L4/L3 and free floating boney fragmennt that travels threw the center of my back that really hurts i always walk with a limp know and never did before the night of the accident i also have an eye witness to the claim.........

    i know its a tough claim too win i have applied to every thing i think i should get this case is a year long and by no means do i compare my hardsip too any of the unfortunate on here my hart goes out too every one on here..

    They make you feel that youre that criminal on tv trying too get something for free i know that preexsitin conditions are very hard for a lawyer
    but what about the eight years of honesty i gave them that should count for some thing or the fact a respectable nuero is stickin his neck out for me.

    I mean i told them the truth at every turn left no rock unturned they can not come after my integrity but because some IME for 20 min examines me he can say with out a doubt it was all pre-exsisting i just can not take that for a answer.

    my depression gets worse everyday i feel that im letting my family down with barely enough food too eat i can not just let this go the INJURIES are real and and as far as pre-exsisting my doctor put no restrictions on me I HURT MY SELF MORE AT WORK I WAS REMOVEING A DIE SET BETWEEN 50-100 POUNDS WHEN I FELT A PAIn i had never felt before in my middle too it was almost like a ballon popping with pain raditing down my left leg only some days whe i walk my left leg completly gives out i usually have too hold on.

    when i need too go too the bathroom it is right know can not hold it in as far as urinary goes the more retension the more it hurts coming out...
    i all of a sudden get migranes n ever use too before and its all on my left side...

    and trying too fight ZURICH

    i had none of these feelings before

    The day of the accident i had a very heavy job task i had let voice mails to my supervisor, does knot seem liked he cared much...

    ANON YOU DENNISON ,MARIA HVE BEEEN threw grinders with these people you know at36
    this might be the last battle ifight there is knot a day i do knot cry ther is knot a day i do knot feel soory for my self I just can knot beleive there are so many of us if i win or lose i will always share every bit of information on here.....

    I am in no way comparing the two but but i can actually feel for our brothers and sisters who came back sick from vietnam, and desert storm,when the country told them ther was nothing they could for them the country was not liable for any sickness in an act of war.....

    i know im just rammbling but i went from taking vicodin for pain only i had prescritions i had never even fifnished ....

    know i take
    EFFEXOR 150X2
    VICODIN 1000MG X3

    AND YOU know what else everytime i sit i can feel the bulge left hand side.

    every time i sleep 1-3 hrs anight i can feel pains in my in the middle.

    and the left leg and left facial with left side of my head migranes spasams ...

    Anon that my story we will get readt for my first appeal my lawyer is young but know matter seems like a decent guy whoe genually cares...

    my case is im boston

    ANON if you read this no peply needed i just there is some out there who actually gives a dam

    And for all of you fallen soldiers remember they can win battles BUT WITH GODS WILL LETTES WIN THE WARS....

    i am a cacausin male but find alot of inspirational.messages from the words o martin luther king and JFK THESE WERE MEN BEFORE THERE time...because they actually spoke frome hart very few poloticans do that today actually none.

    ANON this is from one friend to another keep the fight and if ever can hear MLK PEACEFUL demnostrtion speech the one he read infront of the lincoln memorial take some time and listen to the words.

    and the JFK SPEECH ask knot what your country can do fro you but what you ccan do for your country..

    both speeches touch my haert and those were leader of HUMAN i hpoe you consider me a friend this your friend sighning off.....

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    anon Guest


    Good luck on your appeal but I have to say I think the carrier is gonna win this one. It sounds like you lost at the initial hearing level and you are appealing the decision. You have a lot of cards stacked against you with all your prior medical and the fact that you saw the doctor for treatment the day before your accident. What does your doctor relate all your current problems to? I have read both speeches you make reference to and believe they are 2 of the most inspirational speeches ever delivered.

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    ma Guest


    a reagrvation of the inital treatment with a new L3 and THE FLAOTING DISKS THAT WAS NEVER THERE BEFORE, never the less i do appreciate all of your wisdom,but there has to be some thing said for the facts there are new injuries there and they must reocnize them....they can not have there
    cake and eat it too i was able too walk before climb stairs and work today i canot walk that far and i can not forget about climbing stairs live on a second floor and its very hard too climb back up those stairs..nrver had that oroblem before...

    thank you for listening but i will fight to do end..

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    knowknees Guest


    A curiosity question here. Have you been taken off or discontinued using any of your medications recently?

    I was like you too. Never had a debilitating headache in my life, UNTIL I stopped taking super strong pain medications. Been awhile since I took toxins (Pain Medications) and the headaches are starting to subside. That crap messes with receptors in your brain, scary. I hope you can talk with your Dr. to control the pain, and at the same time get rid of the headaches. Pain sucks and some medication only intensifies the affect. Give em' he11 friend!...Greg

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    cma Guest


    knownees yes i have s few anxiety problems that i see a phsyco;ogist you can see by my last post. HE keeps me om most of these meds because he is affraid o a nervous breakdown WC is pure <FONT COLOR="ff0000">••••</FONT> and right know with all of the preexsisting conditionns its like anon says its an up hill battle.....but i do have old mris and knew mris that shoew a change and that show other disc L3 with a free floating fragmen that was not there before.. but i will talk too me doctor about weedind me off of these meds ...but its hard since .....ANXIETY WITH POST TRAUMATIC STRESS DIORDER CAN B JUST DELITATING AS A BROKEN BACK OR ANY OTHER SERIOUS DISEASE.

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    knowknees Guest


    All the crap you are on for the physical and mental anguish, is heart wrenching. Have you applied for SSI/SSDI yet? Keep your chin-up, we will get through this. Your friend...Greg

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    cma Guest


    knowknees i realy apreciate a kind word. I am seeing psycologiest,,,i have applied for every thing have a lawyer for that as well 1st denial will keep fighting these doctors....

    I try to pray too st jude the apostle FOR all of because i know im right i have never lied to them .
    i blew up at conciliation when thier lawyer explained the the 15min IME was sufficent enough proof of the pre- exsisting condition,,,, thats when i went off i told her he does knot even have a real office and his colleagues often mock him. well she was of course APPAULLED.....NOT GOOD THING TO DO...

    I live in rhode island great state,i worked in mass. somtimes i wonder if all of these people are knot in it together.....i mean how can ime much lees &#40;a judge a judge&#41; make an intelligent desion i dont even thik the ime knew what was looking he has too be in his 80ts making 1500 a pop he had four customers waiting and a VERY NICE TAN I MIGHT ADD.....THEY HAVE TOO STOP SENDING W,C PATIENTS TOO OLd men who have nothing too loose after the 10 min evaluation he just told while i was walk out that door that He does knot work for w/c the f in balls on this <FONT COLOR="ff0000">•••••</FONT>. so thats my story.......also the ime cpuld knot even read an mri withut the notes ,findings both times

    thank u for listenig......your friend charlws

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