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    i was injured while unloading a truck at work 2 weeks ago. At the time of injury i went to their doctor at a local hospital's occupational health clinic to be examined and his diagnosis was lumbago; low back pain left side. i was given all kinds of pain meds, one day off here ,one day off there while i was still in pain. So he prescribes physcial therapy. While the physcial therapist is acessing me he tells me the he supects that my left leg is one inch shorter than my right leg i asked how that happend he said the left leg popped out of the joint a little and that this could be the reason for the back pain. Since the time of the injury while on light duty it seems like i was being harrased rumors of me getting fired were buzzing around. well i got fired ,i got fired for tearing up a write up report on me for calling to say i would be late on tuesday 22,06 can anyone tell me what kind of legal leg do i have to stand on if any.

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    Sounds like you were fired for cause. Did you rip up the report? Why were you late? What state are you in?

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    What state of mind were you in when you ripped up the report due to the medications you were perscribed?...Greg

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    First how long were you with the co?
    Did you ever have a write up before or was this first one for being late?
    Were they aware of your injury?

    Usually by law the co. has to give you 3 written warnings before they can fire you unless they feel that, you endangered the co. and that time they can let you go.

    However, if you were upset re: being injured and they harrased you until you got frustrated and left you have a right to get an attorney. Alot of employers, try to get rid of injured workers someway or push you out the door.

    I would seek an attorney's advice on this one to see if you have any worker's rights.

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    I would have to agree with seek an atty, Look for a dependable attorney , Don't look in the phonebook, as family / friends who's had attorney before. Why because I, have a friend who's going through alot of b/s with an attorney, he's taking way to long for her case, very long story.
    Please do your homework. Good luck!!!!

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    I was also fired upon returning to work-light duty.
    I worked in a cabinet shop and was injured while building cabinets. I was out 4 weeks TTD and returned with a 5 pound no repetitive restriction. I arrived back at work ... on time ... with a good attitude. I was told that I would be doing janitorial work now,(janitorial work is NOT light duty work) and that my pay had been cut to minimum wage. I knew I could not walk out ... so I stayed while letting them know that this work was hurting me. They then laid me off, brought a letter for me to sign. I did not agree ... wouldn't sign ... but I got a copy of it. Even now in court they say I voluntarily took myself out of the job market. Well I have the letter to prove that THEY took me out. So far I have not been forced to look for work. I can't do what I used to, I wouldn't know where to start. Right now I am 100 % disabled. All I can say here is if they take you out ... make them put it in writing.

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